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Forex h4

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Metatrader 4 indicators:. Special indicator CCI Divergence setting:. Trading rules Forex Divergence H4 Strategy. Buy arrow, conditions:. If the indicator goes into the zone below and the price touches lower bollinger bands or broke low BB. Without arrow. Open an buy position for the two situations when the CCI turn above level, at the close of the candle. Sell arrow, conditions:. If the indicator goes into the zone above and the price touches upper bollinger bands or broke high BB.

Open an sell position for the two situations when the CCI turn below level, at the close of the candle. Exit position options:. Take profit whe the CCI is near at opposite level. Ratio stop loss Initial stop loss 40 or more pips depends by currecy pair. Note:the two types of entry can also be combined together. The Bollinger Band filter is optional but to learn this strategy is a mandatory first step. In the pictures Forex Divergence H4 Strategy. Share your opinion. Momentum Bands Strategy.

CCI Divergence filtered by overbought and oversold and Bollinger bands. Metatrader 4 indicators: Special indicator CCI Divergence setting: fast ema 12, slow ema 26, signal line sma 9; overbought and oversold , - Trading rules Forex Divergence H4 Strategy Buy Buy arrow, conditions: If the indicator goes into the zone below and the price touches lower bollinger bands or broke low BB. Sell Sell arrow, conditions: If the indicator goes into the zone above and the price touches upper bollinger bands or broke high BB.

Exit position options: Take profit whe the CCI is near at opposite level. Forex Divergence H4 Strategy. Comments: 0. Divergence Metatrader indicator - Forex Strategies - Forex The 4h time frame carries a distinctive role, especially in the forex market. Unlike stocks which are opened for trading for a limited 8-hour window, in forex trading, the foreign exchange market never sleeps.

So, in the stock market, the 4h TF is useless as one full day of trading will be comprised of two 4h candles. However, in the forex market, one full day of trading activity is comprised of six 4h candles. What is even more important, one 4h candle point out to a half of each major trading sessions. And, this is where FX traders can focus on new trading opportunities. Trading on the 4h time frame is not only suited for those with limited time on their hands or the beginner traders.

Check out our guide on the best trading strategy for beginners. Since time in the forex market is broken in several trading sessions and forex brokers run on different time zones, the 4h candle will close at a different time of the day. The main disadvantage of the different FX broker server times is that you will get different 4h candle closing.

Every new candle on the 4h time frame is formed every 4 hours. This in turn will lead to different price actions on your 4h chart. See below the difference between a 4h chart with a New York close and a chart with a different closing time. To resolve this issue, and have a more accurate representation of each trading session we use the New York close time to define when a new 4h candle is printed. In forex trading, the New York close is considered the standard closing time for the day.

Learn how to master forex trading with our complete guide. The daily closing price in any market, be it forex, stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies displays who won the battle between buyers and sellers for that session. Traders who are planning to use the h4 forex trading strategy need to have the correct New York closing charts.

If you want the identical price action on your charts as we have them, you should use the New York close charts. Taking care of this type of detail while it might seem unimportant it can make the difference between winning and losing.

The H4 trading strategy revolves around a very common chart pattern known to the technicians as the Doji candlestick. The main characteristic of the Doji is the small body where the open and the close are very close together. However, the hanging man, shooting star, bullish and bearish Harami, inverted hammer and dark cloud are considered to be variations of the standard Doji pattern. And, this is what makes the H4 forex trading strategy very effective. This will produce a high probability reversal setup.

The truth about trading is that no matter what trading setup you use, there will always be false signals. Spotting a chart pattern is only half of the equation; we also need an entry technique for our H4 trading strategy. Every major money manager in the world uses those moving averages to make informed decisions about their portfolios. Here is how we use the moving average :. The MA is only used for long-term guidance and to decide how long are we going to stay in the trade.

However, if the pattern develops above the MA, we want to stay with the trend and ride that wave to squeeze as much profit as possible. The 50 MA is there for guidance purposes only. What we look after is for the price to break above the 50 MA either within the first candles after we entered the market or during the development of the Doji Sandwich pattern.

First, the protective stop-loss trading strategy is placed below the Doji candle, which is the middle candle of the 3-bar pattern used. More, once we break and close above the 50 moving average, the stop loss than can be trailed below the 50 MA to further reduce the risk. If the third candle closes above the high of the first candle then this is setting the stage for a very high probability trade. In summary, the H4 forex trading strategy is ideal for looking for trading opportunities around the clock.

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Now, probably most of you already know that in the forex trading and technical analysis realm, H4 is simply an abbreviation for the 4-hour daily. Forex Strategy OZFX Squeeze is a universal forex trading strategy suitable for most trading activities. This strategy is based on three indicators and is. Some traders prefer to trade on the longer-term timeframes. It helps them to check the positions no more than once a day and have more time for making a.