forex lessons from pavel dmitriev
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Forex lessons from pavel dmitriev forex indicator speedometer

Forex lessons from pavel dmitriev

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Sniper trading system is a trend momentum strategy based on more trend indicators as macd cloud trend that help to trading with the cloud and fx prime indicator with touch line. The first key rule to finding the kill zone that must be abided by is; daily charts must be used to find the kill zone.

Hello traders! Here are the groups and classification of entries: the 1st group: choosing levels level picking, which is an early entry. Remember Me. Sniper Entry Strategy Forex Trading by otosection. May 28, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Sniper Forex Trading Strategy The first key rule to finding the kill zone that must be abided by is; daily charts must be used to find the kill zone.

Sniper Activator Forex Trading Strategy. Sniper Entry Strategy Forex Trading forex supplydemand priceaction free telegram channel: t. Today Hitz. Recent Posts. According to her, commercial systems that operate in the intervals from Hi and above are not sensitive to GMT of brokers. In addition, the pattern of formation of the reversion pattern based on the closing price of the previous trading day had already been studied previously in the theory of technical analysis, so the author did not contribute anything new in the analysis:.

Step 2. The banking level is only a baseline while the main limiting levels serve as extremes of the previous trading day. Here too we must add that there is another term of the strategy — Consolidation Zone. Before you close the trading day to a large part of transactions is closed to save on the swap, the Asian session begins which is characterized by relatively small transaction volumes. Because of the liquidity appears a night zone of consolidation that in reality is flat.

Step 3. With the impulse level, the author understands a certain range of the price range in a short interval, which is the horizontal movement zone of the price or an ordinary flat. In the forums they are constantly discussing the definition of consolidation zones and UIs.

Many simply do not see the difference between them, and you can understand them in some way. Please note that screenshots are just examples of how the author understands the strategy. The determination of all these zones is subjective! With the trend level of fast price change, the author understands the classic pattern «pin bar» which represents a candle with a relatively long shadow with respect to other candles in the direction of the trend. Principle of opening transactions. After the extremes of the previous day projected for the next day have been determined on both sides, the consolidation and flat zones are defined in the short intervals, the local impulse levels within the daily extremes are determined.

Trend opening. Each transaction is opened in the pin bar at the moment of breaking the impulse levels formed in the consolidation zones in the M1-M5 range in the direction of the daily channel boundaries. This example is in the screenshot above: as soon as the bar pin appears, a short-term transaction has to be opened. Opening of counter-trend. The transactions are opened in setbacks from the banking or UTI levels, that is, in setbacks from the global daily limits or levels formed by the market makers.

As for the conditions of determining the actual break, there are plenty of options. According to one of the options, the actual break is a bar pin that exceeds the local range UI by 4 points. According to another option, a transaction can be opened if the recoil from the upper or lower limit has been more than 15 points the flat range in the M1-M5 is usually less, therefore this recoil may show the break of the range.

Terms of the transaction closure. The transaction is closed with two orders. The first command closes in the take-profit, which is set from the opening point at the same distance as the stop-loss. In the case of the trend opening when the local impulse levels of M1 are exceeded the stop is placed at the level of the ends shadows of the range points.

The length of the stop red line is about 10 points. As soon as the lower limit of the range is broken, a short transaction is opened with two commands yellow line. The take-profit is equal to the length of the stop green line. In the case of counter-trend opening of the transaction if there is a setback from the UTIs in the long intervals. The exit from the market is similar, the only difference is that when establishing the take-profit it makes sense to orient in the potential flat formations in a short interval.

Focus on a currency pair. Therefore, I consider this strategy more useful for beginners than for professionals, who already operate successfully with patterns and levels. It can be said that it is more a successful marketing product, wrapped in a «beautiful packaging» than a «grail».

Then the digital distribution of the strategy with enthusiastic reviews was enough to turn it into a commercial success. Sniper is an excellent simulator for demo accounts that will help you learn how to detect the emerging sailing figures, levels and etc. I would not recommend targeting profit only by following the rules of this strategy. Rather, it makes sense to use some principles of the strategy and combine them with indicators.

This strategy is difficult to understand. The classical theory of trading with levels it is more often applied as additional here is so extremely confusing that, logically, it is very difficult to understand it even after having read it several times. Different online resources have their own interpretation of the strategy. It is virtually impossible to automate the strategy. Manual trading is exceptionally accepted, and since no indicators are used in the strategy it is also not possible to test it in historical charts.

The effectiveness of the strategy grows only in the case of strict compliance with the rules of its operation. The initiative here is sanctioned. However, the same rules are so confusing that each is interpreted in its own way. Therefore, here much depends on the skills and intuition of the merchant. During the analysis the determination of resistance and support levels, the flat area causes many discrepancies.

The commercial system of «Sniper» is the classic technical analysis with changed terms. They were repeatedly modified by the creators there are at least 4 elaborated versions of the strategy , although they did not change them in a radical way since all those manipulations were meant to provoke the interest of beginners and maintain the marketing background created. One of these examples is Sniper X. It may seem that one can still «extract more» from classical technical analyses, which can also be interpreted in any way.

But the creators are not yet ready to sleep on their laurels. Medium- and short-term trade tactics were added the previous version of the trading system had only short-term opening of transactions. A new algorithm was developed to work with correctional movement to determine the limits of correction zones. There is possibility to increase the volume of open positions in a strong trend in the terminology of the creators, it is the entry point of cascade.

Instead of the NI and NTI new term was implemented — the local and global level of imbalance, and the algorithm of its creation was also revised.

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The Sniper strategy Forex is a Price Action strategy. The idea was suggested by Pavel Dmitriev about 10 years ago, and there are comments. Sniper's trading system is based on the principle of Price Action technique. The idea of the strategy belongs to Pavel Dmitriev who proposed it. To learn how to earn the forex weight profit of newcomers and even Trading strategy Sniper (Sniper) from Pavel Dmitriev only works at.