is there anyone who has earned money on forex
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Is there anyone who has earned money on forex how to find investors in forex

Is there anyone who has earned money on forex

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Communication with the customer, order processing, delivery — all this is taken over by the operator. But there are differences. You work through your online store, which is importan t-you promote your own brand. Usually, when placing an order, the data is transmitted via the API and processed automatically.

Although small firms use manual order placement. Where can I find a supplier? Several large companies: bigbuy. The logical solution is to create an online store. It is possible through most online constructors, such as Wix, Tilda. For dropshippers, the specialized Shopify platform offers cool conditions.

Here payment systems are integrated, reliable dropshipping companies are connected the catalog of suppliers is huge. An alternative option is to install the engine on a rented hosting. The most popular plugin for WordPress — WooCommerce, allows you to turn a blog into a sales platform in a few clicks. You can earn money not only on the site.

Here are some ideas for promoting an online store and selling without a website:. An easy way to earn money online for a beginner. What does freelancing mean? Free and lance. This is a self-employed person who provides various services for a fee on the Internet. Popular destinations:. Popular specialties are not limited to this list. For example, you need accountants, personal financiers, lawyers, marketers, SEO specialists.

At the same time, there is work for everyone. Simple tasks for novice freelancers. You can study video or photo editing and take simple projects as you learn. Naturally, the level of professionalism depends on the payment. And specialization on the level of earnings, contrary to popular myths, does not affect so much.

This is the rate of both programmers and web developers, as well as copywriters and architects. The coolest freelancers get from 10 per project, the income can exceed thousand dollars a year. You can search for customers yourself through social networks or send an e-mail with an offer to various companies. There are special services for job search:. First, you choose the company that you will advertise. Then you tell your blog readers about it, in social networks, via YouTube or on forums, and attach an affiliate link that contains the unique ID of your affiliate account.

When someone clicks on the link and makes an order, the advertiser company will transfer the commission to you. We will not go into why this format is profitable for companies very profitable. I will tell you why you should become a partner and start earning money on affiliate programs:. Naturally, the amount of income depends on the activity.

If you leave a link in your profile and wait — it is unlikely that you will earn a lot. The greater the audience reach, the higher the profit. For example, bloggers who have collected more than thousand visitors receive six-figure sums per year. How is the payment method better? There is no clear answer, it all depends on your strategy, vertical. But a small percentage of visitors top up the account to pay for additional services, people out of at an average rate of dollars for TIER 2. It is easy to calculate where you can earn more.

It is not always easy to bring a client, but the lead will be counted, even if they deposit only bucks to the account. Although if there are too few large customers, the affiliate program may not pay. Here comes the concept of KPI yes, efficiency — this is an additional condition.

For beginners, RevShare with a lifetime payment seems the most attractive. But experienced arbitrageurs do not often choose this model of work. The reality is that not many attracted users become regular customers. For example, if you extrapolate this payment model to an online casino, then for most leads you will get only dollars instead of This method works well on forex, exchange offices, and freelance exchanges.

To become a partner, you need to find an offer of partner programs offer , register and get an affiliate link with a unique code. Where is the referral number. Sometimes links are hidden and shortened to the following format: goo. To do this, use special services: goo. It is not necessary that the topic of the article or discussion exactly corresponds to the promoted product.

On a travel website, you can talk about a handy backpack, PowerBank, canteen, or action camera. In the online lesson about make-up, add links to cosmetics or brushes. Placing links in a blog or on forums does not always produce results. To earn more, you have to publish all the new articles. Alternatively, you can promote your affiliate programs through paid ads in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other advertising exchanges.

Promotion of affiliate programs through paid advertising is traffic arbitrage: you buy traffic visitors cheaper by showing them ads, and redirect them to affiliate links, selling more expensive. Then you run the ad. The most expensive is search traffic and contextual advertising from major search networks Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo. More accessible advertising through pop-ups Popander, Clickander , teasers, targeted advertising.

List of the best advertising exchanges here. The main difficulty arises when preparing creatives promotional materials and setting up targeting target audience. Here help SPY-serveces , with which you can spy on your competitors work ads and see what audience they are aimed at.

During arbitration, you can send traffic visitors directly to the partner program website or a specially created landing page. Users can be shown different ad formats: banners, pop-ups, ads in social networks, apps, video ads in YouTube, search ads that appear as one of the results on the search results page. Features of traffic arbitration — a topic for a separate series of articles. You can read more here. Now to the main thing: where can I find offers of partner programs?

You can visit the websites of large companies. Amazon, AliExpress, and many branded online stores and online hypermarkets have an affiliate program. Benefits of working with us:. This option is unlikely to suit a beginner. But if you are familiar with the principles of marketing or you have already worked as a content maker for some time, you will probably be able to cope with the task.

The direction is promising: there are not so many good companies in the niche, high tariffs. Specialists who are able to quickly achieve results output in the TOP search engine or in the list of the most popular groups — the fees are much higher. At least on the first page. The maximum task is for one of the first positions. To be engaged in SEO promotion, you need to be a marketer, copywriter, and webmaster at the same time. It is important to understand how search engine algorithms work they are constantly updated , to know all the factors that affect the ranking of the site: the uniqueness of the content, the speed of page loading, the purity of the code errors in the HTML code can lower the ranking.

What matters is the reference weight and authority of the referenced sources. Website promotion is a task for months, so the payment is monthly. Additionally, the costs of advertising and purchasing content are laid down. You can work with multiple sites at the same time.

Therefore, good specialists earn from 5 to 10 thousand dollars a month. Customers can be found through Linkedin, on freelance exchanges, or promote services through a blog. When promoting communities in social networks, there are their own rules. Significantly accelerate the promotion of mutual promotion with other communities, adding friends from your own profile. A simple format of work: register fake accounts, create the appearance of active use, sell.

Fake accounts are needed by many arbitrageurs who run ads for gray affiliate programs: online casinos , bookmakers, dating sites. For example, Facebook has a high conversion rate for these verticals, but the service blocks unwanted ads along with the profile. For example, according to Facebook, only in the last two months of , the system blocked 1. New accounts are subject to strict verification. It is more convenient for an arbitrageur to buy an active profile that exists for at least months you need a lot of such profiles for each campaign.

The cost of fresh registrations with a completed profile is from cents. Above all, completed profiles with a link to a separate e-mail older than 3 months are valued: from 5 to 50 dollars. You can sell accounts on special services or in traffic exchange stores, for example, cpa.

For most people, blogging is a hobby, an opportunity to share their thoughts and hobbies. Bloggers have become agents of influence. This is the main resource that can be turned into a stable income. At the same time, it does not matter if the blog was created on the Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, Tumblr platform, or if the site was created using the type constructor Weebly, Wix.

Still, the presence of a separate site expands opportunities for development and earnings. You can use the blog to promote your own services by periodically publishing expert articles. There is demand for different niches. We need a coach for personal development, finance. Online lessons and training in make-up, web development, video editing, and 3D graphics are popular. Tutorials can be sold through your blog or on special services, such as Udemy.

The level of earnings depends on your popularity. About affiliate marketing, there is already a point a little higher. Here are some ideas for earning money on the blog:. Publish valuable content, such as video tutorials, financial market analysis, or sports match reviews, and open access to such content by subscription. An alternative option is to accept donations, offering sponsors additional features, such as the ability to connect to a private chat or access to download posted materials.

If you sell advertising space directly to advertisers, you can increase the fee by times. At the same time, it is not necessary to praise the sponsor. Most often, an objective review is required with an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages. This can be: a news resource, a comparison site, an online movie theater, or an entertainment site.

The idea is promising, but it is impossible to implement it independently. This task is for an entire team that has mastered web development, the basics of marketing, and design. And it requires investment. A complete guide and more interesting ideas for earning money on the site can be found in this article. Another easy way to quit an unloved offline job while maintaining a high standard of living. At the same time, you get complete freedom of creativity and are not tied to the place.

You can start without special skills and knowledge, while earning no less than in classic E-Commerce. But all the processes are simplified: no need to store the goods, no packaging and delivery. Everything is automated: from downloading to payment. You post digital content on your website or a special service and withdraw the earned money at a convenient time.

Digital goods also include e-books. This can be fiction or style guides. Well-sold «Tips for the master», self-taught guitar lessons, books on crop production and psychology. There are no restrictions. Therefore, you do not have to be a cool novelist or science fiction writer, if you are well versed in something- there is every chance to write a bestseller.

The scheme is simple. You create a website: a blog, an entertainment portal, or an online service. You fill it with content, promote it through paid advertising and SEO, and connect ads. When the audience gathers , you put it up for sale. Most exchanges have an auction format. The initial cost is calculated as the potential income for years, the average level of return for the last months is taken for calculation. At the auction, this figure can grow times. Where did they get their training?

If their track-record is real they wud be richer than Bezos, Gates, Musk and Duke of Westminster combined within a few months with a few friendly investors…. Thanks for the heads up! Instead of AndyC trying to convince all of us how legitimate CashFX is and it is not a Ponzi or violating securities laws, he should contact the Saskatchewan authorities and all the authorities in the other countries that have issued their regulatory warnings.

I expect to see all of the authorities immediately issue an apology and acknowledge they got it all wrong and AndyC set them straight. Ozedit: spam removed. Nick, he is not a billionaire, and probably not even a millionaire. Oz, but for your insistence and sticking to your guns up to this point, I would have excused your ignorance of the updates and honest changes that have taken place in CashFx since you first made your findings and publication on company. Perhaps, your critiques had helped the founders of CashFx looked inward to finetune their system, and you would have gotten some credits for that.

An amazing company that has made tens of thousands duds millionaires through real live trading in the Forex Market cannot be said to be a fraud, ponzi scheme or scam. I can prove to all readers here that CashFx Professional Traders are actually trading in the Forex Market and are making real money for members. Only fools doubt proofs. Insisting on regulations to prove its genuineness before it can be acceptable is insistence in keeping vast number of people in perpetual poverty.

But Remember, that when you insist on pulling others down, you must be ready to go down yourself. Stop It! A few people stealing money from people who invested after them is only proof of money being stolen. So do it then. Proof of registration with regulators and filing of audited financial reports or GTFO. WhistleBlowerFin: Doubters are always without. Pharisees never see far because they are always myopic in judgement. Thad : WhistleBlowerFin: Doubters are always without.

They should be, but too many times they are not. How many times do I have to say it. Jojar Dhinsa is a fraud and not a billionaire, probably not even a millionaire. Jojar Dhinsa would be wasting his precious resources time, energy and money trying to kill a mosquito with AK47 for making noise to his ear. When I come across one I usually broadcast links to all their friends about why they should not invest in such a company. I usually get one coming back saying why people should and its all the same bullshit.

The latest one claimed to be an ex financial advisor. Chatchit ltd. Appears to be a failed telcoms company. Nothing pertaining to Athlone Group. Ian : I usually get one coming back saying why people should and its all the same bullshit. Within 24 hours of that video being released there were views and he received a letter from CashFX cancelling his account, demanding he take the video down and threatening legal action.

Makes it even funnier lololol. Is there anything you can do to help that video spread? That video has made quite a few in my downline very upset. I had 2 people that were going to invest and now have pulled out. I told them I understand why. I had to take no less than 15 video zoom calls to calm them down. A few were going to upgrade and have now backed out.

To show my confidence I upgraded my pack. CashFx has helped so many people including myself build our dream life. He deserves every penny gone and then some. I had to take no less than 15 zoom calls to calm my downline down. A few were going to upgrade and backed out. This is a betrayal for all CFX members and will not be tolerated. I am sure he will learn his lesson spreading lies. Facts hold up in court. So let me get this straight. Let me translate that for you: I had to make at least 15 videos of lies to counter this one video of truth.

I would love to watch your 15 or so videos. I need a good laugh. They are as full of BS as you are. Walter : I hope CFX proceeds with legal action. Good luck with this. You misinterpreted my post. I did 15 separate zoom calls with each person, not 15 calls with everyone. Walter : I did 15 separate zoom calls with each person….

Well, not so efficient, but… still working for you, Walter! Walter : Lynndel R Edgington. You missed my point. In short you did 15 individual Zoom calls and so you could have had 15 different stories to tell depending on who you were talking too. Someone I really want handling my money making trades for me.

Instead you wanted them to keep sending money so you could get your referral commissions. My bet is you have made all your money on referral commissions and a teenie-weenie amount from CashFX trading. Walter : This is a betrayal for all CFX members and will not be tolerated. So much anger and hate… Has my video touched a nerve?

Further to that, please correct just 1 of my apparent lies, Walter. Because unlike you and every other shill punting CFX, I have taken the time to investigate and gather proof before running my mouth. He made a few hundred K since he was one of the first to get into it. Man I should have done more research. I am furious at myself. My Financial advisor suggested to avoid these platforms and now I understand why. So does that mean my money is all gone or can I at least recoup something?

I just joined a few days ago…. A percentage of what you invested was paid to whoever recruited you. The rest will be used to pay withdrawal requests of other CashFX Group affiliates. Bucky : So payouts are still happening correct? I think I just want to get my money back if so…. This idiot OZ has been burning his energy against cashfx here since while I had not heard anything about cashfx but I joined I had made a furtune over 50, USD in Bitcoin OZ is still saying the same thing.

Someone come to think about it he has predicted it will not last for a year but it is already over 2 years someone should help me teach him when to go home. They collapse when funds run out. Damilola Augustine Ojo : You will be here in the next 10 years begging cashfx made millionaire to pay your bill. Stick to your cult-meetings where they appreciate a lack of intellect. Big difference, and trying to equate the two is laughable.

Heck I doubt if anyone who joined CashFX from the beginning has been able to receive that much money from it. It is all numbers on a screen. So cut the crap as no-one here with an IQ higher than 90 is buying your BS. Huascar has given us a tour of the same office space as in Nov CashFx exit scam coming.

To be announced at the end of month call. They have run out of money to pay members. R : CashFx exit scam coming. You can upgrade within the system. The fools who put money into CashFX are ecstatic! Why anyone would get excited about compounding non-existent funds is beyond me. Numbers on a screen I suppose. Oz — looks like CashFx has run out of money.

They are dribbling out some payments, probably from the scarce money coming in. Why do you think they bother with the charade? Why the fancy or long exit scam? For example, why did QubitLife bother? R : Why do you think they bother with the charade? The rest of the same era Ponzi schemes have collapsed. Shutting down and disappearing triggers a ton of complaints. This is why we have the same exit-scam models used over and over again. The idea is to reduce victim complaints.

Less chance a criminal case will be filed against you. So Ponzi scammers string their victims along, sometimes for months on end. Over time a lot of them just give up and move on. Some are embarrassed. Some have no shame and go on to promote new scams. A number of my acquaintances are infected by this charade and the sooner it goes, the better I feel.

In response to a growing number of complaints they have just announced that they are going through social media and shutting the accounts of anyone who is making negative comments. We recently sent a message regarding withdrawal status and is posted in the message center in your back office. Welcome to the 6th Saturday that CashFX members will request a withdrawal and not receive any money.

How many weeks of not being paid is it going to take them to realise that CashFX was just a Ponzi scam? Saturdays of course will never be the same again. Legacy company!! Not getting paid on autopilot. Feeling considerably less blessed. But but but how can that be? We had one or two investors on here claiming their June withdrawal requests were paid.

Oh noes! There are a lot of very nervous CashFX members out there. That pesky payment processor is really causing problems. In their latest announcement they hope to get June 5 requests paid soon. They are working hard to get it done. Do you happen to have heard any explanation how the payment processor can be so far behind,but still make the odd payment?

June 5 — some scattered low value payments to keep the masses hoping. No one on large packages got paid for this week. The last phase in the death of a Ponzi scam … KYC! This is the way the scammers get all your details to sell on the black market AND avoid paying you the information you provide will never be enough for you to get paid again.

Sorry for your loss CFX members but we have been telling you since day one how this would play out. Your smart ass answers and stupidity have been excruciating at times. Existing members are required to complete this process as quickly as possible. We ask that you complete this process to ensure the proper function of your business. Biometric Facial Recognition This is a video recording to match your face to the picture on your ID you provided.

Can be done from your smart phone or your computer. Proof of address relating to the company. We thank you for taking this compliance requirement seriously and look forward to seeing your documentation turned in as soon as possible. For all the CashFx members who are concerned about withdrawals, here is a video explaining how much you will receive from now and an explanation of your rights.

CFX Member : For all the CashFx members who are concerned about withdrawals, here is a video explaining how much you will receive from now and an explanation of your rights. Does he know something? Portuguese authorities have issued a warning about CashFX.

You may have noticed over the past 4 days that the withdrawals process has slowed. This is due to an aggressive online attempted attack. The attackers were not successful as our cyber security measures kept them from gaining any access. These types of actions are common and to be expected as a business in the cryptocurrency space.

We typically never share cyberattack details with the membership because there is no reason to worry you — especially with the safety measure that has been in place since the inception of CFX. CFX continues to view our cyber security as a top priority item, as the CFX security team continues to ensure that there is no risk to the company or members. So why mention a security item if the team continues to keep every member safe? Because during this process, withdraws had to be temporarily halted.

Those are sent to a payment processor and paid out. Going to watch this one. Interesting development. It appears only the top end of the food chain are getting paid. I have stopped promoting this as i feel horrified that i have been conned into conning friends and family. What a surprise! He is a Ponzi scammer just like the rest of them! None of them have trading experience. Many members still waiting on October withdrawal requests.

CashFx now 7 months behind in payments! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Nor is it actual evidence of external revenue being actually used to pay affiliates. Jul 23rd, at pm scammerssuck Q. She needs to be arrested NOW!

Jul 23rd, at pm David Worthington Q. You can add serial scammers Luigi Bruni and Justin halladay to that list. Jul 24th, at am Oz Q. Facebook Dedication is everthing in a partnership. Sssh, nobody mention the Cash FX Group elephant in the room.

Oct 2nd, at pm Melanie from Germany Q. Oct 5th, at pm SurfingLife Wealth Q. Oct 13th, at pm Oz Q. Nov 8th, at am TimTayshun Q. Nov 25th, at pm Scambuster Q. Dec 28th, at am taz Q. Dec 28th, at pm Oz Q. Jan 31st, at am Trond Q. Jan 31st, at am Oz Q. Feb 8th, at pm Scam Q. When will these assholes be vrought to justice? Mar 16th, at am john Q. When will this one fail hearing withdrawls are slowing down???

Mar 16th, at am Oz Q. Same as any other Ponzi scheme, when new investment runs dry. Mar 19th, at pm James Q. Pretty sure you never got involved. Do your homework next time dude. Mar 19th, at pm Oz Q. If you have an alternative Cash FX Group compensation plan, feel free to share it. Securities are very much regulated by financial regulators in practically every country.

This might have changed since the review was published. Math checks out. The joke is on you bud. Mar 26th, at am Mike Q. Mar 26th, at am Oz Q. Apr 28th, at am Gregory Billings Q. Gregory Billings Ozedit: email removed. May 8th, at am Pablo Escobar Q. I know Guillermo Joya personally and he does not own anything. He works at the social security administration. He is not a big time Guru. Aug 28th, at pm May Milton Q. Aug 28th, at pm Oz Q. Sep 7th, at pm AndThen Sep 25th, at pm Oz Q.

We can only identify instances of securities fraud. Regulation is up to regulators. Not being shut down by authorities! Sep 26th, at am K. Chang Q. Nobody knew Homeland Security was investigating TelexFree until it was shut down.

Sep 26th, at pm BrettW Q. Ozeidt: recruitment spam removed. Sep 26th, at pm Oz Q. Sep 27th, at pm Sean Q. Cash Fx is a classic scam. I have joined a group and so many will lose out. Stay away and keep your money for something legitimate. Oct 15th, at am Tom Q. Oct 15th, at am Oz Q. I await your response to the above facts. Oct 19th, at pm Jay Q. Oct 19th, at pm Oz Q. Oct 29th, at pm Jake Q. Great website and keep up the gr8 work exposing these fraudsters. Nov 10th, at pm Max Dee Q.

Nov 10th, at pm Oz Q. Nov 14th, at am Asif Q. And not use another company to trade on their behalf… theres just so many red cards.. Nov 14th, at am Oz Q. Nov 19th, at am CJ Q. Nov 19th, at am Oz Q. All of it. Prove it. Who is the lawyer? I think CFX would have collapsed by now All Ponzi schemes inevitably collapse when withdrawals exceed new investment.

This needed to be done before a single cent was solicited for investment. How the external revenue is generated is irrelevant with respect to securities regulation. You seem like a know it all which avenue makes more business sense? This is meaningless pseudo-compliance waffle. Securities fraud is securities fraud. US residents involved? Securities fraud has been committed in the US. End of story. Nov 19th, at pm CJ Q. Nov 20th, at am CJ Q. Bitcoin is anonymous currency, unless its converted back into fiat currency it cannot be taxed.

Nov 20th, at am Malthusian Q. Nov 20th, at am Radda Shnitzel Q. ALL cryptocurrencies are taxable. Nov 20th, at am PassingBy Q. Complete bollocks. As a great many criminals, including tax evaders, have already found out. Nov 20th, at am Oz Q. CJ We went through this nonsense yesterday. How CashFX Group screw investors over is neither here nor there.

CashFX Group being a Ponzi scheme is of far more importance here. Nov 20th, at pm littleroundman Q. Nov 20th, at pm K. Nov 20th, at pm PassingBy Q. Nov 20th, at pm Oz Q. Nov 23rd, at am Rob Q. Nov 23rd, at am Oz Q. Dec 2nd, at pm Ajiia Q. Maybe someone can advice me on this. Dec 2nd, at pm Oz Q. You invested in a Ponzi scheme and now your money is gone. Sorry for your loss. Dec 2nd, at pm No Free Lunches Q. Please keep up the good work.

Sorry to hear about your family member but thanks for the support! Dec 14th, at pm Varya Vinogradova Q. Dec 16th, at am Q Q. But are they offering Securities? Do you know Securities regulations? Dec 16th, at am Oz Q. Is there evidence?

Dec 17th, at am Zo45 Q. Or did behind mlm state it? Dec 17th, at am Oz Q. Jan 15th, at am Andy C Q. Jan 15th, at am Oz Q. The medium a security is offered over is irrelevant. Another strawman argument, yawn. Your argument is null and void! Forex is not a security! Jan 15th, at am GlimDropper Q. Quick peek at their forex fraud advisory page: cftc.

How much do you want to bet that CashFX is not registered or licensed. And you seem to have a comprehension problem. Securities are regulated by the SEC. There is no exemption for forex in the Securities and Exchange Act. Jan 15th, at pm Andy C Q. Jan 15th, at pm Oz Q. Nobody said it is. Please hire a translator if English is not your native language.

Jan 17th, at am Andy C Q. Jan 17th, at am Lynndel "Lynn" Edgington Q. No-one knows if anyone has or not, or if an investigation is underway as I type this. All you have accomplished is to show your ignorance and refusal to accept the truth. In essence every company is a network marketing company. Jan 17th, at am K. Jan 17th, at am Oz Q. You cannot show any evidence that they are not The onus is on CashFX Group to provide evidence of external revenue being used to pay returns.

Jan 18th, at am Oz Q. Whew now I have that off my chest, I hope the sarcasm was obvious enough. Jan 28th, at am Zodde Q. Someone called me from a boilerroom Yesterday. They had a stock that wud excel. Their own researchers were not known at all in the professional community. Why do they want to work for CashFX for peanuts? Jan 28th, at am Mikael Scherman Q. Conclusion: If something sounds too good to be true…. Jan 28th, at pm Rob Q. Another regulator warning.

This time Saskatchewan — saskatchewan. Jan 28th, at pm Oz Q. Jan 28th, at pm Lynndel "Lynn" Edgington Q. Feb 15th, at pm Nick Wood Q. Be interested in your view on this!! Feb 15th, at pm Oz Q. CashFX Group is a Ponzi scheme. Feb 17th, at am Rob T Q. Feb 21st, at am Thad Q.

Feb 21st, at am Oz Q. Perhaps, your critiques had helped the founders of CashFx looked inward to finetune their system CashFX Group is the same Ponzi scheme it has been since day one. No registration with financial regulators. No audited financial reports.

Feb 23rd, at am Thad Q. Feb 23rd, at am WhistleBlowerFin Q. People handling billions of dollars invested in Madoff ponzi as well. Everybody gangsta until ponzi collapse.. Feb 23rd, at pm Thad Q. Can you offer to do the due diligence for Mr Dhinsa? Feb 23rd, at pm Oz Q. Feb 23rd, at pm WhistleBlowerFin Q. Feb 23rd, at pm Malthusian Q.

Feb 24th, at am Rob T Q. Feb 25th, at am Thad Q. Feb 27th, at pm Rob Q. So far they have lost half their money. Mar 4th, at pm Rob Q. Manitoba — financemagnates. Mar 4th, at pm Oz Q. Will Canadian authorities ever do their job? Mar 6th, at pm Indorob Q. Search for Jojar Dhinsa on Compaines House website. What do you find? Mar 6th, at pm Ian Q. Mar 7th, at am Oz Q. Mar 7th, at am RobT Q. Mar 8th, at pm Indorob Q.

Very little info. Appears to be made up. Some charlatan from Coventry trying to make illegally a quick buck. Mar 8th, at pm Malthusian Q. Harold Shipman is an ex doctor, Madoff is an ex fund manager…. Mar 9th, at am RobT Q. Indorob, yeah it has been put together with a WordPress theme lol and has no ssl certificate.

Mar 12th, at pm R Q. Mar 30th, at pm Oz Q. Mar 31st, at pm R Q. I wonder what they could be afraid of. Mar 31st, at pm Oz Q. Yeah, took me a while to scroll past all her pontification. Apr 1st, at pm R Q. Apr 2nd, at pm Ru's Two Cents Q. Apr 2nd, at pm Oz Q. Apr 5th, at am R Q.

Apr 7th, at am Walter Q.

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Forex trading may make you rich if you are a hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader. But for the average. Yes everybody who runs a FOREX site makes a profit or they wouldn't do it. As long as you switch currencies they can collect a commission. Does not matter if. Even so, with a decent win rate and risk/reward ratio, a dedicated forex day trader with a decent strategy can make between 5% and 15% per month, thanks to.