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The Financial Aid Office is responsible for processing financial aid applications to assist students with the payment of their educational costs through grants, student loans, scholarships and work opportunities. Fall financial aid awards are scheduled to be credited to your student account a few days before the first week of classes. The first day of classes is Monday, August 23, Financial aid will first pay tuition fees and for students residing in University housing, those charges will also be paid.

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Enforex madrid toefl listening

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The teaching staff is highly qualified and the groups are small, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 students per class. The classes are given in our Madrid school. Before signing up you must take a level test free of charge and with no obligation to take the course in the school from Monday to Thursday, between and or Friday between and School open hours, test duration approx. Signing up to take the exam should be done independently.

For more information you may consult the website www. Enforex Madrid - Center for International Studies. Discover our worldwide language programs! In fact, it was probably the students that made me want to go all the way to earning a Spanish degree when only a minor was required of me under English. Steven Virost '05 Mr. Because he was working on an International Engineering concentration with degrees in both mechanical engineering and Spanish he spent one full year in Pamplona, Spain on a study abroad program.

His immediate plans are to attend the University of Utah where he will be working on a Ph. Because of his major in mechanical engineering Mr. Virost did summer work performing micro-channel two-phase heat transfer research at Cornell University with the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network part of the NSF. At graduation Mr. Stephanie Anne Ward '05 Ms. Her parents now live in Kennesaw, GA also near Atlanta.

She graduated from John T. Stephanie graduated summa cum laude in cursu honorum with B. Among her many awards and honors are the Derryberry Award, the most prestigious award Tennessee Tech has to offer, the Harold G. While there, she traveled extensively throughout the country, visiting many of the different regions and cities. In addition to her very busy class schedule and her community involvement, Ms. In June Ms. Currently Feb. She is planning to attend Vanderbilt Law School in Fall Just after graduation Ms.

Ward wrote: "I really appreciate the way the department was so supportive and helpful during my time here at Tennessee Tech. They really went out of their way to help my accomplish my goals and plans. Matthew Duane Butler '05 Mr. Butler was born and raised in Cookeville where he graduated from Cookeville High School. He earned his B. As of January , he is working at the Allen Lund Company in Cookeville, where he is an international coordinator handling their Mexico accounts.

At graduation, Mr. Butler wrote: "The Department of Foreign Languages has aided me in several aspects of life on how to use the language and how to meet deadlines, multitask, and work in groups. Kristy Lee Kimbro '05 Ms. She continued in various Tennessee Tech musical groups after she switched to a major in Spanish.

Michael Alan Spears '05 Mr. Anesa Burkic '05 Ms. After graduation Ms. Amel Bouazzi-Alouani '06 Ms. Bouazzi-Alouani was born and raised in Kasserine, Tunisia. Campana, have been extremely helpful and provided me valuable advice and helpful guidance.

Amber Lynn Frazier '06 Ms. Frazier is a native of Cookeville and graduated from Cookeville High School. While she was a student at Tennessee Tech, Ms. I met so many interesting people with whom I know I will keep in touch for years to come! Also it's nice to be involved with a Department where the teachers actually go out of their way to help you.

In August Ms. Noelle Irene Holt '06 Ms. She graduated from Fairview High School. Just before graduation Ms. Holt wrote:. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Kintz and Dr Hays both appreciate what they do, and they try to convert their passion into your being. Tech has a positive learning atmosphere and it is a pleasant setting for many to better themselves.

Christopher Lewis Miller '06 Mr. When he returned from Mexico he formally withdrew from Sewanee and began a full-time, second-shift position as an emergency room registrar and Spanish-language interpreter for River Park Hospital. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled at Motlow State Community College and continued to work at the hospital at night while attending classes during the day.

He continued this routine until he eventually graduated from Tennessee Tech in May Shortly thereafter Mr. Miller accepted a teaching position at Warren County High School, filling a position from which a teacher resigned after only two weeks of school. He is teaching Spanish I and loves teaching Spanish. His ultimate career goal is to teach Spanish at the collegiate level.

However, I later recognized that my true passion lies in foreign language. Some of my fondest memories of my time at Tennessee Tech are tied to my involvement with the Spanish Club, Amigos. I enjoyed the privilege of serving as Vice-President and President of the Club. I am truly grateful to the Foreign Language faculty, especially Dr. Laurila, Dr. Burdette, and Dr.

Groundland for all of their help and encouragement. Barbara Grazyna Tomaczek '06 Ms. Tomaczek was born in Siemianowice, Poland and has been a resident of the Federal Republic of Germany for much of her life. She completed the Realschule business and commerce secondary school in Verden, Germany and graduated from Chickasha High School in Oklahoma.

Before coming to Tennessee Tech she attended King College. She was a member of the Tennessee Tech varsity soccer team during her years here. John Arnold Traugott '06 Mr. Magnet School. Lindsay Short '06 Ms. In she is working for The Bretton Woods Committee, a non-governmental agency NGO which "seeks to increase understanding of the World Bank, IMF, WTO and the regional development banks and their efforts to spur economic growth, alleviate poverty and improve financial stability.

Adam Crosslin '06 Mr. Jan Ellen Grissom '06 Ms. Grissom was born in Mesa, Arizona and was raised in the military, so she lived everywhere. She graduated from Buena High School. Grissom lived for a year and a half as a missionary in Central America, and her other travels took her to England and Paris for two weeks. After graduation she returned to Tennessee Tech for education courses toward teacher licensure. Upon graduation she commented about the Department of Foreign Languages: "Great teachers.

Good program. Stephanie Hall '06 Ms. Hall completed a B. High School. Vaishali Natha '06 Ms. Natha was born in Surat, a major port city in western India in the State of Gujarat. She graduated from Cumberland County High School. Philip Wesley Routon '06 Mr. He completed two degreed at Tennessee Tech: a B. Amber Rutledge '06 Ms. Rutledge was born in Ft. Delayne Sebastian '06 Ms. At graduation she wrote: "I am looking for a job that has the possibility of using medicine and Spanish.

Amy Byrne '07 Ms. In Summer she studied French for a month in Paris at the Sorbonne. Katheryn Cagle '07 Ms. Meredith Womac Cook '07 Ms. Cook was born and raised in Madisonville, Tennessee, surrounded by what she calls "one of America's richest cultures at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

She graduated with a B. Cook worked as a legal assistant in Lexington, Kentucky for three years before returning to school at the University of Kentucky as a teaching assistant while earning her master's degree in German. Through the unique TA training and mentoring program at UK she developed a passion for teaching languages, and her incredible experiences as a primary instructor for German and courses have solidified her intention to continue teaching languages in the future.

She received her M. Hannah Grace Holland '07 Ms. She did mission work in Trinidad and Jamaica in her first years of college, and she traveled to Rome in Fall with the History of Rome course offered through Tennessee Tech. In addition to her B. Holland has earned a B. Holland plans to work for a few years after graduation, and then attend graduate school to study the History of Spain. At graduation Ms. No matter what field a person plans to enter, the knowledge of other languages and cultures will give that person an advantage over everyone else in the job market.

Brandon Trent Hudson '07 Mr. He attended and graduated from Ooltewah High School. Hudson has traveled to Germany three times. While studying at the Fachhochschule, I took a couple of business classes, two classes for German as a foreign language, and a beginning Italian language class, which I really enjoyed. During my study abroad, I visited not only the many regions of Germany, but also England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In Fall Mr. Hudson began the M.

He hopes eventually to obtain a doctorate in the area of German Studies, and afterwards teach German at the collegiate level. For the academic he will be studying in Berlin, Germany as part of his Ohio State University program.

Furthermore, I would especially like to thank Dr. Campana, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Weidner for all their encouragement and support. Leila Norrell '07 Ms. She moved to Knoxville, TN the summer before her freshman year of high school, and she now considers Knoxville to be home. She graduated from West High School there. She has traveled extensively through Europe and has done mission trips in Mexico that she says really sparked her interest in learning Spanish.

I still have so much to learn about the language, especially grammatically, but I also soaked up so much Spanish while I was there. I have to go back!! Norrell wrote that she was in Knoxville looking for a job for the upcoming year. Her major is World Cultures and Business, but she is really interested in jobs pertaining to marketing, advertising, real estate, and large scale event planning. Norrell would like to return to Spain in the future.

Alejandro Ramos '06 Mr. As part of a course called "world experience" Mr. Ramos traveled to Hong Kong and Singapore. After graduation he plans to spend a few months in Mexico and then get a job as an international manager. Ramos wrote about Tennessee Tech: "Great experience in the major with wonderful professors always willing to help.

Melissa Gale Turley '07 Ms. After graduation she intends to work for a little while at a job not yet decided upon. Jacob Aaron Waggoner '07 Mr. In addition to the B. Waggoner also has earned a B. Waggoner writes, "I'm finishing my Master's in history this semester, and I'm hoping to start the Ph. Though my graduate work isn't explicitly in foreign languages or literature, I am definitely benefiting from my time at Tennessee Tech. I am currently researching cultural and gendered notions of religious conversion, mostly in Northern Mexico, and I'd like to write my dissertation about 20th-century Protestant growth in Mexico.

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TOEFL Course in Enforex Madrid The TOEFL IBT grades reading, listening, speaking and writing proficiency and lasts approximately 4½ hours. All students receive an interactive CD Rom along with their Course and Home Study books, all published by Enforex U.S.A. TOEFL students receive audio cassettes. listening (listening to audio materials, performing exercises based on the information received). Also, the preparation programs provide trial testing. The last.