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Mpengesi forex factory ipo camping world

Mpengesi forex factory

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That means that GBP and the currency pairs that are linked to it will be affected. The impact column discusses the possible impact forex news will have on a particular currency and its pairs. These are the four colors used:. The Detail column displays a yellow folder icon. You can use this feature to access more information about items like:. The actual column represents present figures that get released or have been updated recently. That column demonstrates what people were predicting before that news being released.

Most traders look at the differences between these two columns and analyze them. The graph column can be used by clicking on the graph icon. This can help get a notion of how certain economic indicator has been evolving for a while. One of the best things about the Forex Factory calendar is that you can tailor the schedule to fit your timezone. To accomplish this, follow these steps:. Once you set-up your time zone, it should stay that way in your settings until you decide to change it again.

Another thing you can do to save you time is to select the news only of the countries you want to follow. You can also get access to breaking news when you need it so that you can be aware of new information that could impact your trades.

To do this, follow the steps below. Knowing what data follows is a great advantage ahead of the market. The problem is that everyone looks at the same data. Yet, not everyone makes money in the Forex market.

One way to succeed is to use the FX trading calendar correctly. Keep in mind that fundamental analysis in Forex trading is as important as technical analysis. Any discussion about Forex volatility and what causes it starts with the USD. Because of the dollar, the currency pairs form two categories: majors and crosses. Any major pair has the USD in its componence.

Only by splitting the pairs in such a simple manner, traders can avoid Forex volatility surrounding critical economic events. For example, one way to prevent wild swings in the trading account is to trade cross pairs during American Forex news. From that moment, it was only a matter of trust in the USD that kept foreign investors buying it. Nowadays, the USD is still the preferred choice when nations build foreign exchange reserves.

The Forex calendar news out of the United States is one of the busiest of them all. Moreover, the Intermarket correlation means the dollar will move not only the Forex market but also other markets like bonds, stocks, options, and so on. Hence, it is all about interpreting the economic news. For a currency, it is all about the interest rate level. Hence, the Federal Reserve interest rate announcement and press conferences move the dollar.

And, the Forex market. The Fed meets every six weeks. This is a text describing the monetary policy. Once a quarter, or every two sessions, a press conference follows the FOMC statement. Never has the Fed hiked or cut the federal funds rate without a press conference to follow. Therefore, the federal funds interest rate level is THE Forex news to watch. As a rule of thumb, the higher the interest rate goes, the stronger the dollar becomes. The Forex market volatility increases tremendously during the Fed presser.

Press representatives from around the world ask questions. No one knows the questions. And, no one knows what the answer will be too. As such, the USD makes large swings all over the charts. Effectively, it trips stops both for longs and for shorts. Inflation shows the change in the price of goods and services over a period of time. It is one of the closely watched Forex news. The market reaches extreme Forex volatility levels if the CPI deviates from the target.

Traders know the Fed closely watches inflation. Part of its mandate, the Fed targets a two percent level for the CPI. Instead, it considers the Core CPI. Or, inflation without transportation, energy and food costs. The standard interpretation is that when inflation falls, the currency depreciates. When inflation is in the fall, expectations grow that the Fed will ease the monetary policy. After all, trading is a game of expectations.

However, if deviates strongly, the Forex volatility spikes as traders bet the Fed will react. Everyone knows these days that the ECB has a problem with inflation in the Eurozone. More exactly, with the lack of it. In this relation, levels of 1. Finally, the 'Market' page is also where you will find a graphical representation of the each trading session in your local time:. The Forex Factory Trade Explorer is an invaluable tool for retail traders.

This is all crucial information you can use to journal and review your trades. Follow the instructions on the next page, and you'll have the Trade Explorer set up in no time! Since most retail traders end up losing, this information can be a valuable contrarian indicator. To access the Sentiment Indicator, simply click the 'Trades' heading, and scroll down:. Every day, hundreds of traders participate in the Forex Factory forums. On it, you can find discussions about virtually all aspects of trading, including systems, strategies, broker discussions and trade journals.

Forex Factory's broker section is, in my opinion, one of the most under-appreciated features of the site. It does one simple, but critical thing - it lists the Forex brokers that are regulated by the proper financial authorities. You can:. The Ultimate Guide to Forex Factory.

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