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Rovers north forex system free download lgih on sauls investing discussions questions

Rovers north forex system free download

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They are our hope for tomorrow. There are a lot of scamsters out there and I do hope that your system does what it says and not "rip me apart" unlike others who have done before for which I have lost hope in the so called "Robots". I wish you guys the very best and I am willing to give you my free and honest testimonial on the performance of your products so long as consumers get what the product promises. Should I win the apple i pad I will give it to my wife as one of the gift on her birthday coming up soon.

God bless and thanks. Comment: Just a quick note to accept the fact that I am the same as thousands of retail traders out there that are and have suffered at the hands of scam artists. I am tired of people taking advantage of others when we are all struggling to get ahead financially. People using pseudo names and pathetic actors to clean us out and actually help the brokers fleece us. If any one has dealt with Mark in the past as I have you will know what I am talking about.

Yeah sure, they make money out of this, that's business, but they're not pedalling crap to rip us off. If these guys have put Rover North through the ringer and it comes out clean, that's good enough for me. I know I won't get a free version that's just the way my luck is but I know that I will purchase a version from these guys and give it a good solid crack.

Here in Aussie Land we have just gone through some awful devastation and loss of life with floods and its no where near over yet and lo and behold out come the scammers adding to people's misery. They should be shot. It beat other traders in one of the toughest Forex trading competitions in the wold. It went on to beat the other 19 finalists of the live real money round of the same Forex competition. Over 20, people watched every trade during the demo and live round.

There was complete transparency. Rover North allowed anyone to login to his demo and live account just as you can right now so you can see for yourself that his results are real and not some image on a sales page. No other person is so confident in his system that he allowed a team of beta testers to test his system on a live account.

You can see their report on this page too. No other system will allow you to try the system risk free for 60 days. Our rover north forex system review will also include updates of their leader board which shows which systems were the most profitable. First let me go over the competition and how they came to provide us with the forex products they have. The competition is two rounds, the first round all traders can join and pay no fee to be involved.

After 30 days the top 20 traders of the sure fire trading challenge move on to round 2. The winners receive prizes. After this the developers work with the winners and they figure out a way to prove the rover north forex system. Once they have these systems then they can provide them to you.

Simple, but an effective way of finding a successful forex ea. To conclude, the rover north forex system is a great way to find a new ea. We think the process is great, the competition is unique and hopefully the products that we get out of it are even better.

Please come back and check our rover north forex system review and feel free to leave comments and concerns below. Try Rover North Forex System. Has anyone tried this Rover North Forex System? And what have you found? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Fuel Mud Flaps Rear Brakes. Suspension Wheels Wiper Blades. Body Interior. Cooling and Heating Electrical. Even with these settings you will have much more winners than losers, so it will be profitable. Really only good to use this system form the opening of the Frankfurt market 1 hour before London opens. During London and the New York markets.

Do not use it during Sydney and Tokyo, market is very flat at that times and trades will take forever to complete. Just follow some simple rules along with RN fx system s. Also, read free ebooks on basic forex google it to gain some understanding of what is going on. Last of all find a simple system that works sa this one , test it and see which time frame suites your style and stick to it. Bottom line, this is a basic system that any trader can use. You have 60 days to smack it about on as many demo accts as you like and one live account if you feel comfortable.

So, come back here after a few weeks and leave your assessment if you decide to give it a go, like me. A note to those who are chasing Bill asking him to send the free indicator. Please do not clutter up the thread with unrelated posts. If Bill wants to send it, he will check back the copypastepips page.

Please stick to that page. Alca and Frank…I agree with you both and think that you are right on …I believe that the users that are having issues are trying for too many pips per trade…. Not so long ago, I too was new to the forex market, and bombarded with offers from all over the place. It seems as if you reply to 1 email, and get 20 more from people you have never heard of back!

All of them tell you the same thing. Everything else on the market is either rubbish, fraud, or simply does not work! However the system they are offering has been developed, stumbled on, or secretively given to a loser who lost his life savings, house, car and wife and, miraculously has been saved by this one piece of good fortune which has made him a multimillionaire over the last six months!

Boy, have you just got lucky? Or what? Take it from me, I have learnt the hard way. There is no easy route and no short cut. Sure, you can subscribe to a reputable signal service and make slow and reasonable profits. But here I would urge you to be highly selective, I know of only two which have produced regular and verifiable returns — and NO, I am not selling them — I will send you their details for free, and what you do with them is entirely up to you, I make no promises or guarantees regarding their performance.

I would personally suggest that you start out your trading career with a deep understanding of what forex trading is all about. Regarding systems, free or otherwise, there are hundreds, if not thousands out there. Essentially, Rover North is a scalping system, so you need to watch the trades for an early exit for profit.

But with experience you can start to identify those trades which you can let run. However, even with just a little knowledge, and following the manual, you can easily make profits from this system. The system I trade most and make most of my profits from uses only a price line chart and the RSI to identify divergence, and it makes me money all the time! So there you go. Paul, Thanks very much for the advise. I use RSI divergence but not with the success that I would like. I have traded equities for many years and Forex for about two years.

A steep learning curve, indeed. I have tried a number of signal services and have had success with only one. Also, I have tried a number of brokers. Often I will start out ok and then after a few months of success the profits see to dwindle. I now only trade with the signal service and manually.

I would be happy to share information, regarding. I am also new to trading you seem to have alot of experience behind you. Would you mind sending me those details of the two good trading systems you mentioned. Could you please send me thw details of the two ttrading systems you use. Good Evening All I just purchased Rovers System and am getting it installed on my Netbook to let it run when it wants to.

When I was getting ready to sign out of the order something else popped up asking me to spend another 49 or 59 dollars on top of what I just bought. Does any one else here know what it was and did they get it? I too am interested in purchasing the Rover North System and it does sound very good especially considering the feedback here and also the price as well as 60 day money back guarantee.

Thank you Paul for your great advice, which I am definitely going to adhere to, and also I would like to know about the two trading systems that you have found to be the best! Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated. Any ideas? Well, my original posting on this site was moved by a posting I noticed from Marsha, and I hope that she was able to read my reply to her.

As I said, I thought that there would be a problem with publishing email addresses. And the last thing I want is to be bombarded with mails from all asunder! So here are my current thoughts. This is supposed to be about Rover North, so my next couple of paragraphs will be brief, then the good news!

As I said before I have used these, done my personal best to verify them, and found them to be profitable. Obviously, I will not list them here, but be aware, there are offerings out there which will do nothing more than take your money. That way you know, that if the service fails to deliver, you can cancel and get your investment back.

However, I would urge you to test the service during the free period in a demo account. So there you are. The two I have found to be profitable are as follows: Google them for full details. Please note that I do not endorse either of these offerings, and seek no recompense from mentioning them here; I only state that I have used both profitably myself — with sound money management principles applied to all trades taken with both systems.

Whilst I have yet to have a loss, and the platform does seem to have stabilised, the results are far less than and I mean FAR less from my manual trading, and I might ditch it before the end of this month. Just a note. Moving back to Rover North. As I said previously, I have been testing the system in a demo account since its launch.

Well, today I moved it into my live account. Currently, after six hours of live trading I have banked 73 pips, trading only 2 pairs, and currently have one open trade which is As I said before, I use a carful a money management strategy, and monitor each trade by looking at it in light of movements around the trade, rather than simply looking at the trade itself. Hope to get your input too.

Only had two losers, and seven winners. Do your research and practice, practice, practice! Regards Ian. Just recently I heard the best piece of advice in this regard, from Bob Iaccino when he was asked the same question. His reply, I think, illustrates the difficulty in answering your question directly.

I have a trading plan which is set up in an excel spreadsheet, and I risk no more than 2. As for the stop loss. If the trade seems to be going in my favour, I will reduce this by half, and then move it to break even. I look at the following: the recent highs and lows, support and resistance, markeT volatility, rate of current price movement, length of recent candles, trend strength. And then make a guess!

There are many trading knowledge resources, most of which are free, however, I personally believe that if you are serious about trading, TSL is a good investment. It also has an excellent forum, and runs several webinars a week with a number of different presenters, each explaining his or her own approach to trading. The outfit is run by Mark McRea. Remember that manual trading is not for everyone, I wish my manual results could be better than that. Essentially, it looks for valid trade setups in the trading pair you attach it to.

But, it is important that when you configure it you have the manual open and read all of the notes on the parameters, otherwise you could end up creating conflict situations, and it will not function correctly. Has anyone received the new version 2. I can tell you one thing and that is this. Last Wed, Thur, and Fri. I love this thing. Sure it was only 10 dollars per trade for 80 dollars but that was because I had a fixed take profit.

Go Figure. I was wanting to purchase the Rover North, but i wanted to know what is a min. Hopefully Paul or someone else who has purchased the system can please inform me. Deciding the minimum amount you want to trade with is like deciding how much you want to spend on a car or a home. Before going live with this or any other trading system or method , try it in demo account until you are comfortable with it and making regular profits.

Then open a live account with any amount you feel comfortable with. You simply then trade with fewer lots of a much reduced size. I just wanted to give you guys an update. This thing has no off switch. Congratulations Ron! But all good ones though!! What pairs are you trading? Thanks everyone for your useful comments. But, I manage both throughotu the trade. Hi, Is any one have problems with Rover North System where on long trade trailing stops works okay.

However on short trade trailing stops does not work. Therefore you personally will have to pull the trigger on every alert, so really what is the point of having a if you are not there to pull the trigger, this is a considerable drawback. Why because were looking for automation as in a robot! Next drawback, the alerts stay on screen until you decide you or no to participate in them, that is an extremely dangerous problem because they could be out of date, this is a scouting assistant not a robot, therefore there alerts can be way out of date!

I have discussed with them to bring out 2. Personally I prefer the computer to make the choice because at least we will know who to blame if it all goes wrong, by giving us the customer the choice to participate alleviates Rover North from shared blame for bad performance!

I thought this was a site to leave a comment on a certain program but you guys use it for your own personal forum. I am surprised the owner of this site lets you rant on the way you do. Have a message into support. May be best to just go with the trailing stop. Just need to double check the time stamp on the alert.

Hi momo, Sorry, I have a life outside of the net as well. Its 01h20 my time. I also tweeked the Times for the Broker. Instead of 5 to 23 I wanted to see what would happen if I went to 1 to But SL manually. All settings are default with the exception of:- Reverse Pip Range.

Changed to 1 from 3 as suggested by Support in one of their emails. I should add that i tried it on another demo account before this one and got similar results an that account. Not impressed at all so far. Bought the RN program two nights ago and have had 16 wins and 2 losses. Breaking even so far. Testing 9 pairs now , all with default settings. I just clear the pop up signals and only trade the ones I hear. I work in the day time and cant trade, only trade when at home and leaving the pc turned on.

Edwin: How are the changes you made testing out forward? Any luck? I added gold trading to mine and so far no losses with standard settings. Bev: If you look on the graph in little white letters, it has your broker server times and when it will trade. It defaults to evening trading after 6pm in the USA, but you can change it if you wish. It will not trade during the early daytime if the server clock says not to! Its fully adjustable. Just remember, certain times the markets are to crazy to trade, even with a signals machine.

So be careful. Put it on my neighbor ladys PC and she trades it for me when shes home and bored. She loves it. Allows me to test setting and different pairs while Im at work. I use team veiwer for free and I can remote in and make adjustments and see the results.

She reallys loves the intereaction with it and watching the wins and any losses. Im sure shes cheering for the winnner! Im now on a different Island and its a great way to keep connected. TS works well but still interested in trying the Grid Profit setting.

Heard back from support and they stated the Target Profit must be filled in for GP to work. Seen several opps where GP may have been an excellent tool to add gains. Many occasions where draw downs reversed nicely to hit TP. Hi Paul, I see that are come back. Regards momo. I hope this weekend of reading and rereading the manual will help. Are you taking every trade it populates, or are you cherry picking? SL 20, TP for the most part. Going to enable the GP function and set the TP for and see what happens.

Yep, dilemma on the SL. I agree with you Paul, as a scalping system SL should be tight. I wish them well. Been using MT4 for charting but never live. I will sometimes trade the NY session for a while, and I often trade the back end of the Asian session as a member of the online trading group I belong to. My targets are open, but I follow a strict exit strategy based on the close of each candle.

I experiment with other systems from time to time usually only in demo , and I sometimes trade Forex Rebellion. Thanks for all the details! Looks like in order to post a picture you could upload it somewhere and then post the link where it is uploaded in the URL field which is an option when you input your name and email address in order to post here…Its the 3rd option..

The only one that is not required. You statistics look impressive, can you tell us what TP and SL settting you use and what you have your trail stop and trail step set to? I might have mentioned my pip performance on the day I went live with RN though. Anyway, the RN system is doing OK for me at this stage. I then manage both manually once the trade goes live. See my post earlier today for how I manage setups and live trades.

Here are my thoughts as they stand with RN at present. RN in the manual is described as a scalping system. If you read the text, the author Abdul talks about holding trades for up to 8 hours — hardly scalping. My trading method with RN is as follows. Here I look for trends, support and resistance as well as price action. I rarely use Fibs, except when trading in a retracement, and even then, only as a guide.

Thanks for the info Paul. IMO this has definitely added another dimension to my trading. The TS has worked pretty well last week. Looks like we are going to be testing the same thing. Happy to share my results with you.

May our pips grow together! Second, every one here is tinkering with this and that setting when no one knows what is the standard? Sounds like we are the guinie pigs once again.. Thanks for all the great info, I am also getting good results with RN on demo. I have found that if you add the moving averages from the 15 min and 30 min time frames to your chart your 5 min chart you get a better picture of what is happening with the trend. You will have to calculate them out by multiplying the EMA with the timeframe 15 and 30 and dividing it by 5.

It seems to be working well and you can see when the trend is losing steam. Just Google it for more info. Maybe this is your first experience with this kind of product, but if I might be allowed to offer a little advice, RTFM! I tried trading it live with FXCH, and lost on it!

I post here to offer those that are interested feedback on my trading and in particular my experience with Rover North, and I look to other contributors for the same. After all, I thought that was the purpose of this thread. I do not work for Surefire trading, and other than using the product I have no association with Rover North. Now, and finally, for your obviously necessary edification. And, if you took the trouble you could have found this yourself.

As you seem to need someone else to do all your work for you, you might find paying for information a bit tough to swallow. But, if you did mean FXCM, then here are my thoughts. Firstly, when I decided to move from demo to live trading I did a pretty thorough investigation into the broker market.

As I wanted to trade under UK regulations which, for example, allow hedging it made sense to use a UK broker. As such, they are regulated by the FSA, and are forced to be a member of the FSCS, which is an organisation which goes a long way to protecting investor assets.

I also looked into their asset base, and whilst I forget the figures now, at the time they were one of the largest FX brokers, and more importantly did not operate a trading desk. This effectively means that they cannot trade against you. Furthermore, they get their price feeds from I think 10 — 12 different banks, and offer you the best spread price — naturally with their commission added on top.

As to the issue of different prices between their demo and live accounts. Well I can vouch for that. Why bother with such ravings against FXCH sic when they have obviously moved their EA to a more reputable broker, made an absolute fortune, and presumably are dictating their notes from a hammock on a private beach in front of their new luxury villa in the Bahamas whilst swilling down copious bucket loads of Dom Perignon?

I think not. But I do feel that mindless ravings need to be put in perspective. But thanks for the missive, must have been a bit slow on the markets today : , born out I think by the way RN has been chopping about with not many entries that I felt like taking. I subscribed for a bit to TradingFX. This was serious stuff and I may resubscribe in the future. Added Hieken Ashi to help decision to stay on trends for longer 3. Still seeing if this is useful.

It also gives a cross of the 10 which also firms up the trend 4. The above set up should also alow me to enter some trades a bit more aggressively when 10 and 30 cross and the HAs support the move. In addition I am using the News Profiteer Meter to gauge the individual currency strengths against each other when deciding on placing the trade. Off to bed now 00h30 after a long day, but thanks for the post, I will definitely look at those indicators tomorrow.

Looks cool! See mail sent to you. Been a TradingFX member for about 5 months now. I got 2 buy signals to buy and then while I was in the other room both of them went south big time. Sorry to hear. Are you playing the Azn session before ? Experienced day 1 with the GP setting. TS works pretty well. Torn between simply going after on each trade or a bigger TP with TS.

As per his system he closes his trades on the cross of the slow EMA so this is a good place to place your stop. I hope this helps,have a great trading day. Good to hear you are still with Derek. I really liked the pip range charts, but was not really into scalping as was the main strategy.

On saying that, I like RN and that has opened up the pull back principle for me on the M5 for scalping. Bob, I agree with you. But always interested in hearing about your revisions. Will have pip counts later. No need for this much risk. Will reset for 30 SL. Setting TP for 30 with continued use of TS. My EA is set to trade from 5.

Am on one now which signalled me in short and immediately took off in the wrong direction. I can trade better by myself. Even though Rover North started out quite okay with some good trades, things are not so good now! I believe a trading system weakest link is when it is at its worst, the problem with Rover North is that the weakest link is beginning to become quite regular to the point where the account thank God it is demo is going slowly backwards, lots of small winning trades only to be wiped out with one or two large losses!

Hey Bill. Have you seen Fx Core Scalpe Robot? This is the new Scalpe robot. I try to review this robot in this website but I found nothing. Admin so you gt this msg. I have the Heiken Ashi smoothed indicator beneath the normal candles. I am using TS set as 9 with 2 pip trail. However, the 50 TP is leading to many pips left on the table. Would rather lock in 20 often vs the rare gainer. Got stopped out twice with the 30 SL. However, my demo 2 with 80 SL never got taken out today but, 3 times yesterday…ouch.

Hi all I also have purchased Rovernorth system. Everything seems to me ok if Assistant takes profits trailings stops. But when to stop if the trade is bad? That is a question. Hello All Well it is like a Ghost Ship here. Either every one is out making a ton of money or looking for some other way to trade. Time will tell. After reading through the entire thread it seems this product has mixed reviews. Is anyone currently using it in a live account and if so, how are you doing with it?

Would you recommend it? To say I am pleased with it is an understatement, Well worth the fee. W hat setting are you using as I can get close to these figures. I am using 30SL trailing loss of 9,2. A note to Paul and others. That would give an opportunity for everyone to see it and discuss it openly. He neither sells his system nor his time. He gives both freely.

I apologize. I think the lot size was a bit high, but it did well. We will change it back to 0. Ken, your using 2 pair thats not recomended by RN. Those are some wild pairs and not very stable for this indicator. Hows everyones trades going?

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I started learning to trade via free websites and forums. I then attended a seminar. After that, I was really interested with trading Forex and bought many. Download MetaTrader 5 Android from Google Play Free! MetaTrader 5 Android (Huawei AppGallery. Latest forex system Rover North. Market Sales Price: $ you can refer here as download option HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT.