walter peters scalping forex
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Walter peters scalping forex diagonal triangle forex

Walter peters scalping forex

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How do add the white line on the chart? Do you add once again the FantailVMA1 template and remove all others lines and just keep that one wth the right setup? Lets make it easier Shreem I attach my latest 5 min chart template of this Hello Walterw, thank you very much for this new template. Will definitely download it when I got home. Really appreciate it. What I like here is the relationship between the step ma and the orange vma3 base line Maybe in a future, who knows maybe bruce gets inspired and he gets to program a revolutionary cci passed by a vma filter HAAAA I did test more than types of oscillators on my career Well if you decide to use them, you have a great deal of alternatives, and this is for timing purposes So 5 diferent readings here The key here its actually how GOOD is your setup in terms of how the trade its being built Thanks Walter for posting those, I'm still trying to find my feet with this platform, getting there though.

Hello Walterw, thank for the new video and the 1 minute tremplate. It makes life so much easier when we get those. Your approach for the scalping is very interesting. However, as I am not a big fan of having too much indicators on the chart, I will prefer not to use CCI to fine tune the entry but better rely on the timing on the 1 min with the FantailVMA 1 min template.

Evidently, it is only a personal choice and I do respect totally those using it. With that said, I really like your sense of humour in your videos. The last one on the trend thread about the Elliot Waves think is very funny.

Ok so let me continue on how you can actually time your scalp trade using vma3 standalone and its signal The key here is the argument of the trade wich I will present on the next posts Thats what a succesfull trader has clear on his mind I like the word argument as it suggests certain logic behind the reasoning There are two great classifications for arguments Now, in the case you decide to go with the trend, in order to have success you will also need momentum in order to give you the enough room for your trade If I told you such and such timing will make you a winner on the scalping bussiness, I am lying to you Then you will go and time with whatever tool gets you confortable to trade By Stocks4life Started May By analyst75 Started June 8.

By analyst75 Started June 1. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Search In. Welcome Guests Welcome. Sign In or Sign Up. Sign in to follow this Followers Recommended Posts. Posted September 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I am researching This is the first view of a new trend definition : 2 Stupid lines still 2 Amazing lines Nick Posted September 27, A fantastic way of supplimenting your income from your longer term trades. Blu-Ray Cheers Blu-Ray. Thank to clear that for me.

As always, your video and analysis on this thread is as great and fantastic as the other's ones. That is one way to get more trades. You do not have to necessarily chop down to the 5-minute charts and trade that because there are some very drastic things that happened to you, into your brain, when you do this. You have to be aware that it is a lot more difficult to trade these 5-minute charts, these 1-minute charts, than it is to make decisions on the daily charts.

I encourage everyone, specially in the beginning, to try to avoid trading the lower timeframes and spend your time on the higher timeframes, getting really good at that first before you start looking at the lower timeframe. That is my suggestion. If you want the in and out then maybe you can do something like what I was talking about. By that time this podcast is out, it would have been done so maybe you can look at something like that. If that is what you are after, that is a viable solution too.

So, that is something I should mention. The other thing is I had a system where you would basically take trade and then you get out 3 candles later. You might look at systems like that on higher timeframes if that is what you are after. I think that is something that you graduate to as you get better as a trader. The same area of your brain lights up so I would try and steer away from these if possible.

That is my point. Hugh: Oh yeah, for sure. I met up with him in a pub and he was showing me his chart, his equity curve on his little scalping system. What he said which made a whole lot of sense to me which is he basically had one bullet. Like, New York closes but Tokyo has not open yet. He would take this really simple trades, sort of reversion to the mean trade,s and he would do quite well. He showed me he did really well, as far as what I could see.

What he said made a lot of sense to me which is, he would only take one bullet. He would come back the next day. Close it down, go to sleep. It was quite late, obviously, where he lives. That made a whole lot of sense to me. If you are going to adapt the lower timeframes system, that might be something that you do to sort of build that in to avoid chasing trades.