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The Financial Aid Office is responsible for processing financial aid applications to assist students with the payment of their educational costs through grants, student loans, scholarships and work opportunities. Fall financial aid awards are scheduled to be credited to your student account a few days before the first week of classes. The first day of classes is Monday, August 23, Financial aid will first pay tuition fees and for students residing in University housing, those charges will also be paid.

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Imperfectly competitive markets are the realistic markets that exist in the economy. Imperfect competition exist when; buyers might not have the complete information on the products sold, companies sell different products and services, set their own individual prices, fight for market share and are often protected by barriers to entry and exit, making it harder for new firms to challenge them.

The measure of competition in accordance to the theory of perfect competition can be measured by either; the extent of influence of the firm's output on price the elasticity of demand , or the relative excess of price over marginal cost. Monopoly is the opposite to perfect competition. Where perfect competition is defined by many small firms competition for market share in the economy, Monopolies are where one firm holds the entire market share. Instead of industry or market defining the firms, monopolies are the single firm that defines and dictates the entire market.

Monopoly companies use high barriers to entry to prevent and discourage other firms from entering the market to ensure they continue to be the single supplier within the market. A natural monopoly is a type of monopoly that exists due to the high start-up costs or powerful economies of scale of conducting a business in a specific industry.

These tactics include; collusion , mergers , acquisitions , and hostile takeovers. Collusion might involve two rival competitors conspiring together to gain an unfair market advantage through coordinated price fixing or increases. The high barriers to entry are often due to the significant amount of capital or cash needed to purchase fixed assets, which are physical assets a company needs to operate.

Monopolies in this case use the resources efficiently in order to provide the product at a lower price. Similar to competitive firms, monopolists produces a quantity at that marginal revenue equals marginal cost. The difference here is that in a monopoly, marginal revenue does not equal to price because as a sole supplier in the market, monopolists have the freedom to set the price at which the buyers are willing to pay for to achieve profit-maximizing quantity.

Oligopolies are another form of imperfect competition market structures. Oligopoly is a market structure that is highly concentrated. Competition is well defined through the Cournot's model because, when there are infinite many firms in the market, the excess of price over marginal cost will approach to zero. Only a few firms dominate, for example, major airline companies like Delta and American Airlines operate with a few close competitors, but there are other smaller airlines that are competing in this industry as well.

These include; high barriers to entry, legal privilege; government outsourcing to a few companies to build public infrastructure e. Companies in an oligopoly benefit from price-fixing , setting prices collectively, or under the direction of one firm in the bunch, rather than relying on free-market forces to do so. Governments usually heavily regulate markets that are susceptible to oligopolies to ensure that consumers are not being over charged and competition remains fair within that particular market.

Monopolistic competition characterizes an industry in which many firms offer products or services that are similar, but not perfect substitutes. Barriers to entry and exit in a monopolistic competitive industry are low, and the decisions of any one firm do not directly affect those of its competitors. Within monopolistic competition market structures all firms have the same, relatively low degree of market power; they are all price makers, rather than price takers. In the long run, demand is highly elastic , meaning that it is sensitive to price changes.

In order to raise their prices, firms must be able to differentiate their products from their competitors in terms of quality, whether real or perceived. In the short run, economic profit is positive, but it approaches zero in the long run.

Firms in monopolistic competition tend to advertise heavily because different firms need to distinguish similar products than others. The monopolistic competition market has a relatively large degree of competition and a small degree of monopoly, which is closer to perfect competition, and is much more realistic. It is common in retail, handicraft, and printing industries in big cities. Generally speaking, this market has the following characteristics.

There are many manufacturers in the market, and each manufacturer must accept the market price to a certain extent, but each manufacturer can exert a certain degree of influence on the market and not fully accept the market price. In addition, manufacturers cannot collude with each other to control the market. For consumers, the situation is similar. The economic man in such a monopolistic competitive market is the influencer of the market price.

Independence Every economic person in the market thinks that they can act independently of each other, independent of each other. A person's decision has little impact on others and is not easy to detect, so it is not necessary to consider other people's confrontational actions. Product differences The products of different manufacturers in the same industry are different from each other, either because of quality difference, or function difference, or insubstantial difference such as difference in impression caused by packaging, trademark, advertising, etc.

Product differences are the root cause of manufacturers' monopoly, but because the differences between products in the same industry are not so large that products cannot be replaced at all, and a certain degree of mutual substitutability allows manufacturers to compete with each other, so mutual substitution is the source of manufacturer competition. If you want to accurately state the meaning of product differences, you can say this: at the same price, if a buyer shows a special preference for a certain manufacturer's products, it can be said that the manufacturer's products are different from other manufacturers in the same industry.

Products are different. Easy in and out It is easier for manufacturers to enter and exit an industry. This is similar to perfect competition. The scale of the manufacturer is not very large, the capital required is not too much, and the barriers to entering and exiting an industry are relatively easy. Can form product groups Multiple product groups can be formed within the industry, that is, manufacturers producing similar commodities in the industry can form groups.

The products of these groups are more different, and the products within the group are less different. In several highly concentrated industries, a dominant firm serves a majority of the market. Similar to a monopoly market, it uses high entry barrier to prevent other firms from entering the market and competing with them.

They have the ability to control pricing, to set systematic discriminatory prices, to influence innovation, and usually to earn rates of return well above the competitive rate of return. As there are other smaller firms present in the market, dominant firms must be careful not to raise prices too high as it will induce customers to begin to buy from firms in the fringe of small competitors.

Low entry barriers, little collusion, and low profit rates. Competitive equilibrium is a concept in which profit-maximizing producers and utility-maximizing consumers in competitive markets with freely determined prices arrive at an equilibrium price.

At this equilibrium price, the quantity supplied is equal to the quantity demanded. The competitive equilibrium has many applications for predicting both the price and total quality in a particular market. It can also be used to estimate the quantity consumed from each individual and the total output of each firm within a market. Furthermore, through the idea of a competitive equilibrium, particular government policies or events can be evaluated and decide whether they move the market towards or away from the competitive equilibrium.

Competition is generally accepted as an essential component of markets , and results from scarcity —there is never enough to satisfy all conceivable human wants—and occurs "when people strive to meet the criteria that are being used to determine who gets what. Similarly, sellers bid against other sellers in offering goods on the market, competing for the attention and exchange resources of buyers.

The competitive process in a market economy exerts a sort of pressure that tends to move resources to where they are most needed, and to where they can be used most efficiently for the economy as a whole. For the competitive process to work however, it is "important that prices accurately signal costs and benefits. In any given market, the power structure will either be in favor of sellers or in favor of buyers. The former case is known as a seller's market ; the latter is known as a buyer's market or consumer sovereignty.

Competition has been shown to be a significant predictor of productivity growth within nation states. It helps in improving the processes and productivity as businesses strive to perform better than competitors with limited resources. The Australian economy thrives on competition as it keeps the prices in check. In his The Wealth of Nations , Adam Smith described it as the exercise of allocating productive resources to their most highly valued uses and encouraging efficiency , an explanation that quickly found support among liberal economists opposing the monopolistic practices of mercantilism , the dominant economic philosophy of the time.

Later microeconomic theory distinguished between perfect competition and imperfect competition , concluding that perfect competition is Pareto efficient while imperfect competition is not. Conversely, by Edgeworth's limit theorem , the addition of more firms to an imperfect market will cause the market to tend towards Pareto efficiency. It implies that resources are allocated in the most economically efficient manner, however, it does not imply equality or fairness. Real markets are never perfect.

Economists who believe that perfect competition is a useful approximation to real markets classify markets as ranging from close-to-perfect to very imperfect. Examples of close-to-perfect markets typically include share and foreign exchange markets while the real estate market is typically an example of a very imperfect market. In such markets, the theory of the second best proves that, even if one optimality condition in an economic model cannot be satisfied, the next-best solution can be achieved by changing other variables away from otherwise-optimal values.

For example, in otherwise competitive market economies, a large majority of the commercial exchanges may be competitively determined by long-term contracts and therefore long-term clearing prices. The balance of the market and world sugar prices are determined by the ad hoc demand for the remainder; quoted prices in the "remainder market" can be significantly higher or lower than the long-term market clearing price.

This can result in large price variations for a property at one location. Competition requires the existing of multiple firms, so it duplicates fixed costs. In a small number of goods and services, the resulting cost structure means that producing enough firms to effect competition may itself be inefficient.

These situations are known as natural monopolies and are usually publicly provided or tightly regulated. International competition also differentially affects sectors of national economies. In order to protect political supporters, governments may introduce protectionist measures such as tariffs to reduce competition. A practice is anti-competitive if it unfairly distorts free and effective competition in the marketplace. Examples include cartelization and evergreening. Economic competition between countries nations, states as a political-economic concept emerged in trade and policy discussions in the last decades of the 20th century.

Competition theory posits that while protectionist measures may provide short-term remedies to economic problems caused by imports, firms and nations must adapt their production processes in the long term to produce the best products at the lowest price. In this way, even without protectionism , their manufactured goods are able to compete successfully against foreign products both in domestic markets and in foreign markets.

Competition emphasizes the use of comparative advantage to decrease trade deficits by exporting larger quantities of goods that a particular nation excels at producing, while simultaneously importing minimal amounts of goods that are relatively difficult or expensive to manufacture. Commercial policy can be used to establish unilaterally and multilaterally negotiated rule of law agreements protecting fair and open global markets.

While commercial policy is important to the economic success of nations, competitiveness embodies the need to address all aspects affecting the production of goods that will be successful in the global market, including but not limited to managerial decision making, labor, capital, and transportation costs, reinvestment decisions, the acquisition and availability of human capital, export promotion and financing, and increasing labor productivity.

Competition results from a comprehensive policy that both maintains a favorable global trading environment for producers and domestically encourages firms to work for lower production costs while increasing the quality of output so that they are able to capitalize on favorable trading environments.

Advocates for policies that focus on increasing competition argue that enacting only protectionist measures can cause atrophy of domestic industry by insulating them from global forces. They further argue that protectionism is often a temporary fix to larger, underlying problems: the declining efficiency and quality of domestic manufacturing.

American competition advocacy began to gain significant traction in Washington policy debates in the late s and early s as a result of increasing pressure on the United States Congress to introduce and pass legislation increasing tariffs and quotas in several large import-sensitive industries. High level trade officials, including commissioners at the U. International Trade Commission , pointed out the gaps in legislative and legal mechanisms in place to resolve issues of import competition and relief.

They advocated policies for the adjustment of American industries and workers impacted by globalization and not simple reliance on protection. As global trade expanded after the early s recession , some American industries, such as the steel and automobile sectors, which had long thrived in a large domestic market, were increasingly exposed to foreign competition. Specialization, lower wages, and lower energy costs allowed developing nations entering the global market to export high quantities of low cost goods to the United States.

Simultaneously, domestic anti-inflationary measures e. The stronger dollar acted in effect as an equal percent tax on American exports and equal percent subsidy on foreign imports. Due to the high dollar exchange rate, importers still found a favorable market in the United States despite the recession.

As a result, imports continued to increase in the recessionary period and further increased in the recovery period, leading to an all-time high trade deficit and import penetration rate. The high dollar exchange rate in combination with high interest rates also created an influx of foreign capital flows to the United States and decreased investment opportunities for American businesses and individuals. The manufacturing sector was most heavily impacted by the high dollar value.

The U. Added to these pressures was the import injury inflicted by low cost, sometimes more efficient foreign producers, whose prices were further suppressed in the American market by the high dollar. The Trade and Tariff Act of developed new provisions for adjustment assistance , or assistance for industries that are damaged by a combination of imports and a changing industry environment.

It maintained that as a requirement for receiving relief, the steel industry would be required to implement measures to overcome other factors and adjust to a changing market. Not only did this act give the President greater authority in giving protections to the steel industry, it also granted the President the authority to liberalize trade with developing economies through Free Trade Agreements FTAs while extending the Generalized System of Preferences. The Act also made significant updates to the remedies and processes for settling domestic trade disputes.

The injury caused by imports strengthened by the high dollar value resulted in job loss in the manufacturing sector, lower living standards, which put pressure on Congress and the Reagan Administration to implement protectionist measures.

At the same time, these conditions catalyzed a broader debate around the measures necessary to develop domestic resources and to advance US competition. These measures include increasing investment in innovative technology, development of human capital through worker education and training, and reducing costs of energy and other production inputs. Competitiveness is an effort to examine all the forces needed to build up the strength of a nation's industries to compete with imports.

The Act's underlying goal was to bolster America's ability to compete in the world marketplace. It incorporated language on the need to address sources of American competition and to add new provisions for imposing import protection. The Act took into account U. These investigations, conducted by the USITC, resulted in a series of recommendations to the President to implement protection for each industry.

Protection was only offered to industries where it was found that imports were the most important cause of injury over other sources of injury. Section of the Omnibus Foreign Trade and Competitiveness Act of contained provisions for the United States to ensure fair trade by responding to violations of trade agreements and unreasonable or unjustifiable trade-hindering activities by foreign governments.

A sub-provision of Section focused on ensuring intellectual property rights by identifying countries that deny protection and enforcement of these rights, and subjecting them to investigations under the broader Section provisions. Dick Gephardt , was signed into effect by President Reagan in and renewed by President Bill Clinton in and While competition policy began to gain traction in the s, in the s it became a concrete consideration in policy making, culminating in President Clinton's economic and trade agendas.

The Omnibus Foreign Trade and Competitiveness Policy expired in ; Clinton renewed it in , representing a renewal of focus on a competitiveness-based trade policy. According to the Competitiveness Policy Council Sub-council on Trade Policy, published in , the main recommendation for the incoming Clinton Administration was to make all aspects of competition a national priority.

This recommendation involved many objectives, including using trade policy to create open and fair global markets for US exporters through free trade agreements and macroeconomic policy coordination, creating and executing a comprehensive domestic growth strategy between government agencies, promoting an "export mentality", removing export disincentives, and undertaking export financing and promotion efforts. The Trade Sub-council also made recommendations to incorporate competition policy into trade policy for maximum effectiveness, stating "trade policy alone cannot ensure US competitiveness".

Rather, the sub-council asserted trade policy must be part of an overall strategy demonstrating a commitment at all policy levels to guarantee our future economic prosperity. Creation of the WTO strengthened the international dispute settlement system that had operated in the preceding multilateral GATT mechanism. In recent years, the concept of competition has emerged as a new paradigm in economic development.

Competition captures the awareness of both the limitations and challenges posed by global competition, at a time when effective government action is constrained by budgetary constraints and the private sector faces significant barriers to competing in domestic and international markets. The Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum defines competitiveness as " the set of institutions, policies, and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country ".

The term is also used to refer in a broader sense to the economic competition of countries, regions or cities. Recently, countries are increasingly looking at their competition on global markets. Ireland , Saudi Arabia , Greece , Croatia , Bahrain , the Philippines , Guyana , the Dominican Republic and Spain [51] are just some examples of countries that have advisory bodies or special government agencies that tackle competition issues.

Even regions or cities, such as Dubai or the Basque Country Spain , are considering the establishment of such a body. The institutional model applied in the case of National Competitiveness Programs NCP varies from country to country, however, there are some common features.

The leadership structure of NCPs relies on strong support from the highest level of political authority. High-level support provides credibility with the appropriate actors in the private sector. Usually, the council or governing body will have a designated public sector leader president, vice-president or minister and a co-president drawn from the private sector. Notwithstanding the public sector's role in strategy formulation, oversight, and implementation, national competition programs should have strong, dynamic leadership from the private sector at all levels — national, local and firm.

He had been through all four divisions and helped the Dons into the top-flight of English football. He left he club in to rejoin former Manager Dave "Harry" Bassett at Sheffield United, and famously didn't shave until his team's FA Cup run had ended in , at the semi-final at Wembley, at the hands of bitter rivals Wednesday. It has been said that Alan Cork was a great player, but what was great about him, was that he never cost a penny. To think there was no page devoted to him, is a travesty, now hopefully put right.

If any other former West Bankers wish to add to it, they are most welcome. ISBN Connor Bobson is twelve and likes hockey. He is very good at it, but not great. For fun he fights people. His favorite wrestler is Rey Mysterio. He doesn't like t o have to talk to people. He did this once but it wasn't very fun.

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Alexi Loomis rocks. Shane is cool. I made this all up. History of Harcum College. Edith Hatcher, daughter of prominent Virginia clergyman and educator Dr. William E. Hatcher, was a talented concert pianist. After the birth of their first child, Edith wrote "the concert career did not offer a chance for family stability" so they chose a venture that would combine "my talents as an educator and artist and his business vision and ability.

Edith's goal was to "start a school where the individual talent of each girl would be treated as an integral part of her education. In its early years, Harcum was a preparatory school, giving students the skills needed for college study.

It quickly grew, soon adding junior college-level courses. Soon, the "lower school" program was eliminated, and the junior college program was in place. Harcum, or "Uncle Marvin" as the students called him, was the first President.

When he tragically died in a car accident in , Edith assumed the Presidency. She remained in that post for more than 30 years with the exception of one academic year, , when Dr. John Barber served as President. In addition to Edith, one of the most important women in Harcum's history is Maud L.

Marren was appointed Dean of the College in and was a central figure on campus until she retired 43 years later. The College grew steadily through the s and s with a student enrollment of in However, Harcum was a proprietary institution and faced financial difficulties. In , it could no longer run as a profitable enterprise; Edith declared bankruptcy. It purchased the assets of Harcum for possible use as a residential college for adults but soon decided to continue Harcum's mission as a two-year college for women.

Leadership was assumed by Mr. Philip Klein. In , Pennsylvania granted Harcum permission to be the first junior college in the Commonwealth's history to confer the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees. Tremendous building and expansion occurred in the s under the direction of President Michael Duzy, with the addition of the Academic Center, Pennswood Hall, and Klein Hall.

Five presidents have succeeded Dr. Duzy, yet the College's mission and purpose are essentially the same. In Mrs. Harcum's words, Harcum educates students in the arts and occupational skills, respecting each student as an "individual with personal needs, interests, aptitudes, and aspirations. Ross O'Neill is a caring, dynamic and fantastic individual. Born in Cork city in to parents Marie and Finbarr O'Neill, he was destined for great things since his birth.

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Who is Felix Klaemont? He started writing music the day after he got his first guitar, although it took some time for him to be able to sing the lyrics and play the guitar simultaneously. Currnetly, he is working on a Ph. What has he done? Where has he lived? When did he do it? From he didn't touch a guitar long story. Then, starting in the Fall of , he started writing and recorded a new album every few months.

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He is a member of [[Edwards Theatre Company]] and has appeared in various productions with them. In , he wrote the song for their production of [[Alan Bennett]]'s [[Habeas Corpus]], which was sung in front of thousands on the Royal Mile at the [[Edinburgh Fringe]]. He has distinguished himself as a reformer of legislative processes and the author of many laws pertaining to education. Prior to his legislative career, he was the first director of the [[University of Puerto Rico]]'s Arecibo Regional College.

He currently serves as an educational consultant and writes a weekly column for El Vocero, Puerto Rico's second most widely read daily newspaper. Notable pedal steel guitar player. Considered one of the "masters" of the instrument, around the world. Ammoungst numerous achievments he played in Sting's dvd recording "All This Time". Slang for to steal or "jack". Formed in '97 by Jeremy Wrenn, it was initially a solo project supported by various drum machines. However, he had dreams of entertaining the masses located outside of the confines of his bedroom, so he drafted local music scene veterans Cory Osborne and John Rungger on bass and drums.

Many bands today are an exercise in minimalism, stripping everything down to the bone and sinew. Airiel takes a different approach. Injecting their well-crafted songs with enough effects to level a small village, they stretch and expand the sonic boundaries of the genre until the listener is completely deluged by an aural wave of reverb, distortion and sweat. They are advancing the art of sheer sonic energy while utilizing the power of a good melody to provide a basis for the effects, never forgetting the innate human desire to shake one's ass.

In short, it's loud, it's beautiful, and you can dance to it. The EP's were also sold as a limited edition box set, capturing the evolution of Airiel in its current form. Their cds are consistently some of the top sellers of the label, and they have already sold out of the Frosted EP. In June of Airiel released their newest EP.

This self-titled EP further illustrates Airiel's ever-evolving sound and provides a glimpse at their promise with blistering waves of gorgeous guitars, kinetic drum beats and soaring vocal harmonies. In addition to their recordings, Airiel has also gained a reputation for being a stellar live band. Utilizing video projection courtesy of Arturo Valle of Panic Films and amps that go up to eleven, they are able to win hearts and minds even in the most hostile of hipster-pomo environments.

In addition to playing such local Chicago landmarks as the Double Door, Subterranean, and the Bottom Lounge, recently they have begun plying their trade farther afield, in such locales as Minneapolis, Milwaukee , Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. Plans include the recording of a full-length album, and continued touring to destinations both near and far. Robert Benz, former mayor and councilmember of Hermosa Beach, presides over a yearly forth of July contest that some call the Ironman, which features running a mile on the sand, paddling the same distance, then chugging a six pack of beer.

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Area code is the area code in use in most of the state of Connecticuit. The entire state used to be area code , and in the s, it was split, with remaining for the southwestern corner of the state, as far east as New Haven, and the rest of the sate was given the area code I was very impressed with the work that was done to improve the pages for the 9 Massachusetts area codes. I would love to see a similar format for this one and for William G. Sibley is a native of the Pocono mountain region of Pennsylvania and, regrettably is married.

Sibley is the main bread winner in the household. Chairman Sibley earned his bachelor's degrees in Accounting and Secondary Education. His father, a retired baptist minister, is currently employed as a greeter at Wal Mart. His sister lives with her parents.

Pink loving punk band from Cornwall. If you are a logged in user you can create your own articles. A popular song from the s recorded by Binnie Hale but most famously performed by Sting on the soundtrack of the film 'Brimstone and Treacle'. Jhoori means lover. We cannot acccept definitions of words or abbreviations as entries. Truman Capote's black and white party was an historic event, attended by a multitude of the American elite, and requires a more thorough submission than this.

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Wissinoming is a small neighborhood located in the Near Northeast section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its zip code is It is bounded by Tacony on the north, Bridesburg on the south, I and the Delaware River on the east, and Frankford on the west. It has a wide variety of nationalities, including Irish, Polish, and African-American. Shaun Gladwell, born in Sydney, Australia, , is an accomplished artist who is not limited to one media. He is a sculptor, painter, and video artist.

He is best known for his video works which often feature him skateboarding, as well as a range of street subculture such as break dancing. H3OK is a games developer. The gunesse are those that live at guna. Vierordt was the first to record a law of time perception which relates perceived duration to actual duration over different interval magnitudes, and according to task complexity. Vierordt's law is "a robust phenomenon in time estimation research that has been observed with different time estimation methods" Fortin.

C and Rousseau. It states that, retrospectively, "short" intervals of time tend to be overestimated, and "long" intervals of time tend to be underestimated. The other major paradigm of time estimation methodology measures time prospectively. The cut-off point between what is considered "short" and "long" - and therefore between overestimation and underestimation - is between 2 and 10 minutes depending on the task e. The percentage of underestimation grows as task duration increases.

Note to avoid controversy: Vierordt law is irrelevant to the economic appraisal of transport infrastructure on account of the Constant Unit Value of time CUV assumption, which states that the same unit value should be assigned to time changes irrespective of the size or sign of the change [see para 3. However, at least one group of researchers have pointed out the possible importance of asymmetric variation of VTTS distributions:. There is, in other words, evidence not yet understood or fully accepted that "the unit value of time is lower for small travel-time savings and falls with the length of the trip" Zhang et al This is a well-known and sometime widely debated controversy in Transport Planning know as "the small travel time savings controversy".

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Former University of Michigan football coach. Tyant is also known as giraffe, because he is a tall, wallpaper hanging monster! Gene D. Matlock seems to have discovered many [[language]] and [[culture]] similarities between many precolumbian civilizations and people from [[Afghanistan]] to far [[east]] [[Asia]]. Also giving arguments that support the idea of extensive comercial relations between [[precolumbian]] [[America]] with the rest of the world, long before [[Christ]]. Will the ruins that we'll surely find be those of the real [[Atlantis]]?

He believes we should be conducting the search for Atlantis in the Yucatan region of Mexico. Matlock cites place names as one of the compelling proofs:. This layout is very much like that described by Plato for Atlantis's great port city. When Gene D. Matlock was seven years old, he became deathly sick from pneumonia.

His mother prayed that if he survived, she would dedicate him to the study of theology. She never suspected Gene's studies would lead him to "no-no" conclusions not welcome in Sunday School, the mosque, and the synagogue. Matlock says that the [[linguistic]] revelations comparing different cultures are astonishing. That we are and always have been a [[global community]] from the very beginning of civilization. He says: "When I was a young college student in [[Mexico]], I took a course in linguistics.

This course and my experiences in studying [[Spanish]], [[Portuguese]], [[Malay]], and [[Nahuatl]], taught me that a word is much more than a combination of strange sounds. Each one tells the history of the people who use it. India Once Ruled the Americas. I've only checked that the guy does appear to exist on Google.

Someone else want to double check this for sanity? Also some redirects would be good. Sometimes at home people decide, often on fridays, to make Tacos. Contribute to that if you like. But keep it general for a global audience - Friday is unlikely to be standard around the world as Taco day. He is also on the varsity crew team. His nicknames include: Big B, Chubbs, and Sideswipe. The nickname sideswipe originates from Alex's aircut that he has had since birth and that swipes to his right side.

To get blacked out just by being in the presence of alcohol. I just walked into a liquor store and passed out. Princeton Facebook. Nelson Palmerin. Quite the rennaissance man, he is adept in the arts of discussion, diplomacy, politics, religion and science. He was born in and is the illegitemate siamese twin of Dr Evil.

Piowassek's aim is world domination. He enjoys listening to Kenny Rodgers and playing the pan-flute and bagpipe. Kuchnia Polska. Thomas is the one of the best teachers in the whole wide world Born to an English father a Boer War veteran and a German mother in Chiswick, London, on 29 August , his application to join the police, air force and navy were all declined on account of his mother's origins. Cooper joined the Hammersmith branch of the British Union of Fascists during the late s and later went to Germany for work as a teacher.

In July he was transferred to the Totenkopf Waffen-SS division mostly comprised of concentration camp guards where he acheived the rank of NCO at a training camp in Pomerania. In Februay on the Russian Front he was severely injured and consequently qualified for the German "wound badge" silver class. He was later placed in command of the British "Freikorps".

After the war Cooper was tried before the Old Bailey for high treason, found guilty and condemned to death but this was commuted to life imprisonment. He was released from jail in , and is thought to have resettled in Japan.

Sitecore provides. NET web content management and portal software to mid-market commercial, non-profit and government organizations requiring enterprise-class functionality, integration and scalability. Studying with Darius Milhaud in Aspen in , Mr. Myrow went on to the University of Southern California. In , Mr.

Myrow has also been composer-in residence with the New York Philharmonic, and received a Dimitri Mitropolous Commisssion to write an orchestral work for that orchestra. In he undertook a period of study of music from other cultures, worked and composed for various media. He worked with Jim Morrison of the Doors selecting music for HWY, a film starring Morrison, and collaborating on a theatrical musical aborted by Morrison's death. Leo the Last directed by John Boorman was Myrow's first feature film score.

Myrow died of a heart attack on the morning of January 14, at his Hollywood Hills home in Los Angeles, California. He was Information on Fred Myrow can be found at the phantasm. To add it to Wikipedia would be a [[Wikipedia:Copyright violation of copyright]]. You can rewrite in your own words. An avid visual comet hunter and all-round observer, he also undertakes a photographic search for novae. The name was suggested by J. The asteroid , was discovered by Dr.

David J. Asher in at Siding Springs, Australia. Click below for an orbit simulation. See "Pyrrhotite". Mostly rubbish. Whitney Spears is the greates person in the world! She is very silly at times, but we all still love her to death. E-mail me at jimbob yahoo. Penis Wrinkle[[User Su principal caracteristica fue el pundohonor y el amor por la camiseta.

We only have articles in English. There are other language encyclopedias which you can access from the main page. Attends Furman University where he plays football. He is a top-notch guy with his priorities in order. Works very hard and is very focused.

He is a pleasure to have known, as he made me better person. He has also starred in a few Disney films. The counter-strike pro! Interneer is a privately held company that also offers a number of consulting services which include business process consulting, training, systems integration, installation and upgrades and maintenance and support. Some of the more well-known companies that use Interneer Intellect for their project management needs include [[Boeign]], [[Bose]], [[Harman International]], [[Kaiser Permanente]], [[Verizon Wireless]] and the Government of [[Grenada]].

Copyright violation. The group's name is a reference to impeached [[Arizona]] governor [[Evan Mecham]]. During the incident an acetylene torch was used to cut bolts from several of the lift's support towers. A warning letter claiming responsibility for the damage also contained a threat to "chain the Fairfield CEO to a tree at the 10,foot level and feed him shrubs and roots until he understands the suicidal folly of treating the planet primarily as a tool for making money. All four individuals pleaded guilty and were sentenced in September They created a very signature sound - very deep, often dark and always sexy as hell - straight from the grooviest alleys of New York City and into the world's best clubs.

What was "the new sound of New York" went well beyond the banks of this metropolis and became a global craze. The duo has an affinity for good, quality vocals but not the over-the-top diva kind , steamy percussion and twisted, tribal efx. This formula has been used time and again in the construction of some of the most popular remixes of the last decade.

Beyond remixing, their acclaimed original productions including "I Love You" and "Wish You Were Here" continue to earn them respect worldwide. However, like so many others, John's life was changed instantly by his first encounter with the original Sound Factory. Drawn in by the no holds barred approach to music that the Sound Factory DJs instituted, John knew that house music was where he needed to be.

Following his instincts, he soon moved to New York and landed a record store gig at the influential Eightball Records. Constantly surrounded by records, Creamer did quite a bit of DJing around New York City, while also dabbling into the production realm with the release of some well-respected acid jazz under the name Butter Foundation.

In the early 90's Stephane was also converted by the original Sound Factory and quickly made the shift over to house music production. His first house productions came via a collaborative effort with DJ Katsu under the name Madam. Stephane later went on to record tracks with Satoshi Tomiie under the name Bipath and continues to dabble into the production of his own tracks, most notably "Numb"and "Insane Poem," co-produced with PQM.

A close relationship soon developed between Creamer and K, and they soon began collaborating together with a mutual desire to create vocal-driven tracks. This was quite a bold move when you consider that at the time, long, drawn-out instrumentals were the name of the game in dance music. Well, the rest as they say, is history.

Upon hearing the duo's remix of Trancesetters' "Roaches," Bedrock honcho John Digweed asked them to mix the fourth installment of the label's Compiled And Mixed series. Previously known more for their remixing, this CD provided a forum to showcase their abilities as DJs. Internationally, he has already played the world's most respected clubs including Cream, Renaissance and Bedrock in the U. In the U. In early , they followed up the Rosko track in with another 1 remix, "Glory of Life" by Mink, on the heels of the eagerly anticipated duet between Nadia Ali [[iio]] and [[Rosko]], "Something To Lose," for [[Ultra Records]].

Will be a redshirt freshman in the Fall of Possesses a great feel for the game. Ridiculously long and skilled. Will be an impact guy, who can step-out, has three-point range, can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, and is also a versatile defender. A native of the port city of Dakar, Senegal pop. Played on that country's national basketball team prior to the season. Another older half-brother, named Mohamed Niang, was a 6'10" center and played varsity basketball at the University of Delaware.

At Georgia Tech, started taking classes in the fall of Practiced with the team during the spring semester. Recognized by Head Basketball Coach Paul Hewitt as a named factor in the talents of the new players to be added to the roster, ie. He will shock a lot of people. Dubbed "GT's Mystery Man! Thought to have x-ray vision, as well as the ability to freeze time. The evolving "Legend of The Fayebulous," who has yet to be witnessed in any photographs or videos, has begun to grow exponentially "On the Flats" of the GT Campus, within the ATL sporting community, and beyond the farthest reaches of the universe Among the recently, most noted Fayebulous Legends are:.

He arrived in the nick of time with his team down by 4 with. The other team, knowing that their chances of winning had completely disappeared, tried to intentionally foul Faye by raking his eyes rather than let him score two 3-pointers in the time left.

It was, however, too late… They fouled him just as Faye hit the full court shot. Still blinded, Faye refused to be taken out of the game and calmly made the two intentional foul shots helping his team win the game. Scientists incorrectly believe the hole in ozone was caused by green house gases.

It was, in fact, created when Mouhammad broke through the atmosphere the first time he tried to dunk the ball at age 2. He has learned to gauge his hops better and has not broken through since. There was no light until Mouhammad first opened his eyes. Everything was pitch black up until that point. Mouhammad blinks his eyes over 25 million times per second.

He has to. Death looks over his shoulders to make sure that Mouhammad is not standing there. Saturn used to be just rings. Mouhammad thought it looked so much like a basketball hoop that he dunked a planet there. It has been that way ever since.

In case you are wondering, he jumped through the same hole in the ozone that he created when he was 2. It was difficult because it did not exactly line up with the Saturn rings, but Mouhammad felt guilty about the first hole and did not want tot create another one.

A mountain range once tried to pick a fight with Mouhammad. That mountain range was called the Grand Mountain Range. It is now called the Grand Canyon. Mouhammad is the reason why the Earth turns on its axis. Before Mouhammad, the Earth just stood there. Mouhammed ran around the earth so fast that he caused it to start its rotation.

Faye cannot time travel. He does not have to. Time asks Faye permission to move backwards or forwards. Enough said! Any doubters of the Fayebulous must likewise keep silent or suffer his wrath Article is mostly nonsense, and the last section reads like a series of those loathsome Chuck Norris jokes.

The uproar from the loyal GT masses could be heard almost instanteously: "Declined? No one declines Muha! No one reclines Muha! No One inclines Muha! Basically don't bring any "clines" near Muha if you know what's good for you. He sees the future and sets its course and knows that the applause he will get the first time he jogs to check-in as a GT Yellow Jacket on Cremins Court at Alexander Memorial Coliseum with be unimaginably deafening. He has put the National Guard on notice.

It is understood by his followers that Faye doesn't like Country and Western and he doesn't like dead people either. And he will end it. The fate of Kuzaar is a growing concern among the Yellow Jacket fan base. The concensus is that "he is 'toast! Kuzaar "made his bed" Muha will knock him into it. A "universal memory dump" will erase all of Kuzaar from all of time. After being offered the Head BB coaching job at NC State Wednesday, Faye let out a huge roaring laugh, injuring four members of the press and knocking down powerlines throught Northeast Ga.

Rolling Blackouts were reported as far away as West Virginia. You would do anything to not have to have the Wolfpack face me on the hardwood, wouldn't you? People have noticed something strange about all those who have stated that they have actually seen Muha play. All other sports seem to be irrelevant to him, now. Those who stare directly at him, while making a play, have their heads immediately explode due to the sheer talent.

Medical reasearchers at the Emory Medical college are working on special glasses to prevent this messy side effect. These fans can gaze on Faye's prowess without fear of cranial eruption. Members with 50 to points will be given hand mirrors with which to observe Faye over their shoulders while sitting backwards in their seats. Under 50 point members and students will be given ear and nose plugs. Aside from long arms, his primary talent is that he can create seams in the space time continuum.

This allows him to warp, or translaocate himself from one end of the court to the other in the blink of an eye. Warping the space time continuum makes the clock irrelevant to the game, thus giving the team the additional benefit of never worrying about running out the clock or running out of time as Faye can "back to the future" a last second shot as many times as necessary to let it go in.

We control the time component in the game. This has been attempted once before with great success by a crack team of Behind the Iron Curtain Scientists. Its Muha's ability to control minds that amazes most people and will change the approach to the game. Dickie V. ESPN called it a throat problem, but we know the real reason. A cousin of the friend of a fan who once saw Faye said that he has found oil and prices will drop tomorrow. Folks won't even remember who that guy "MJ" guy was.

Not one mention of his name at any of those sites. Of course, mentioning of his name can incite terrorist-like violence? They fear to speaketh the name of the demon, lest he appear and reave their very souls from their bodies Not to mention light them up for triple-doubles

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Read More. The end of Fringe is an end of an era January 18, Many people may not realize it, but without Fringe there will be no true science fiction left on on U. Freelance writer Graeme McMillan ruminates in Wired about the impact of the show and how it will be missed. Fringe Series Finale Airs Friday at ! January 13, Fringe fans, the day is finally here. It's a two hour block, so make sure you don't miss the first hour and only tune into the episode as is usually scheduled. In the first hour of the two-part series finale, the Fringe team engages a desperate plan as Olivia embarks on a dangerous and otherworldly journey into the unknown.

Then, the acclaimed series that has explored the human condition through the prism of parallel universes, unexplainable phenomena and unimaginable threats, reaches a milestone th episode and comes to an epic and climatic conclusion. Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Broyles face off against the Observers in one final and extraordinary battle for the fate of mankind.

The five-season saga comes to an epic and emotional end. Make sure you're there at or set your DVR. You won't want to miss it. Also, if you haven't already, check out the promo. Be aware that it shows scenes from the finale and could be considered a spoiler. As per Wiki policy, no information from the promo should be posted on this site until after the finale airs. Enjoy the remaining moments of Fringe and thank you for contributing to this Wiki and turning it into what it is!

We hope to see your continued involvement long after the finale airs. Watch the Promo. Fringe Production Near End! December 2, Fringe production will wrap on December Producer J. Only 47 more days until Fringe is over for good. Don't miss a moment of it. Stay up to date with the show and wiki to ensure you don't miss a second. November 12, Now is the perfect time to begin watching Fringe for the first time or start your rewatch as the series winds to a close.

In addition, the Science Channel will air every season one episode on Friday and Saturday! Now's the perfect time to get caught up or simply catch what you missed. In this way on … Wikipedia. Uniting African, South American and European producers, the agreement aimed to bring about better… … Wikipedia.

Maurice Kugler — is a Colombian economist born in He received his Ph. Econ and a B.

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