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Fund Your Fx is another new prop firm offering a completely new spin on the usual prop firm funding model for retail traders. This works similar to the instant funding model from BluFx where you pay a small monthly fee to rent a large amount of capital to trade with. The firm is offering a standard evaluation based model, alongside an instant funding model for traders looking to grow their capital under management overnight.

They have a fairly standard funding model, including a challenge step and a verification before getting funded. E8 Funding, like most new prop firms, offers profitable traders huge amounts of demo capital to trade with, whilst extracting real profits from the markets. Digital Pit has a backend platform with advanced account metrics to help traders perfect their craft and further utilise their funded accounts.

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Funded Trader is a relatively new prop firm offering a huge amount in funding, with no fees! DT4X is a U. For more information and instant funding, check out our full DT4X Trader review. Funding Talent was one of the world leading forex prop firms, with a tight nit community of funded price action traders.

As of December , Funding Talent ceased offering funded accounts to traders and there is an investigation ongoing as to the reasoning for this. Visit Now. The Funded Trader. City Traders Imperium. Lux Trading Firm. Top Tier Trader. Click here. Surge Trader. Funded Academy. As a result, this sector is typically more insulated than others during market downturns.

These stocks are also less volatile than the market as a whole, and have a comparatively low correlation to the market of roughly 0. Dividends from Consumer Staples stocks also tend to be healthy and steady, making them attractive to dividend investors. Consumer Staples are an attractive sector for those seeking steady growth, healthy dividends, and low volatility.

This ETF has 34 holdings and an expense ratio of 0. With over 90 holdings, VDC provides broader diversification and comparatively more mid- and small-cap exposure than XLP above. This ETF also has an expense ratio of 0. This ETF is the cheapest on the list with an expense ratio of 0. This broader diversification comes at a cost; this ETF has an expense ratio of 0. The ETFs above are market-weighted and are thus overweight in a small handful of holdings.

This results in much more exposure to small- and mid-caps than the above ETFs. This ETF has 33 holdings and an expense ratio of 0. The broker has zero trade commissions and zero account fees, and offers fractional shares, dynamic rebalancing, and a modern, user-friendly interface and mobile app. I wrote a comprehensive review of M1 Finance here.

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