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Litecoin crashing

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Learn More. Most major cryptocurrencies saw intense selling pressure Monday evening and into early Tuesday morning. EST Tuesday. Investors may want to note, this wasn't any old token-specific decline. Algorand, Litecoin, and Chainlink were merely among today's biggest losers. Among the catalysts many experts are pointing to as reasons for this crash is a continuation of a harsh crackdown on cryptocurrency mining in China. This weekend, a top Communist party leader was reportedly expelled from the party due to their support for the cryptocurrency mining sector.

And on Tuesday, China's top economic advisory board suggested cryptocurrency miners may be forced to pay punitive energy prices, relative to the residential prices many companies currently enjoy. Given the fact that this sector-wide crash took place during trading hours in Asia, it appears this is the key driver for price action in the crypto markets today. Today, it appears cryptocurrency investors are taking a rather bearish view of the current regulatory environment for miners. This bearish sentiment appears to be bleeding into the overall sector, reflected in the token prices of some of the most notable cryptocurrencies in the market.

Crypto mining remains integral to the success of various proof-of-work tokens such as Litecoin. Accordingly, investors appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach for such tokens right now. However, proof-of-stake networks such as that of Algorand and Chainlink appear to also be feeling the regulatory heat today. Concerns that spot cryptocurrency ETFs may be put on the black list appear to be worrying cryptocurrency investors with respect to direct capital flows into cryptocurrencies themselves.

The cryptocurrency market has been volatile since inception. Investors who rode this volatility to recent all-time highs are seeing once again what momentum to the downside looks like. Many bulls point to today's sell-off as a healthy breather. Whether that's the case, and this sell-off will be short-term in nature, remains to be seen. After all, even the most prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have seen major losses of value over extended periods of time in the past.

Right now, cryptocurrency investors appear to be taking a cautious approach to this sector, which seems reasonable. For long-term crypto bulls, this correction could provide an intriguing entry point. Thus, the cryptocurrency sector is likely to be on watch as investors digest whether this will be yet another "buy the dip" situation, or more of a prolonged sell-off.

Any sign of recovery which was visible in ripple 48 hours back has completely vanished. This is similar to the other cryptocurrencies which have fallen by similar amounts as well. This is the reason why investors are not willing to touch ripple. The entire cryptocurrency market is underperforming however, Ripple is the most underperforming cryptocurrency. This is the reason why there is a complete loss of momentum in Ripple as well as other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, South Korea and China are consistently cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition to that, Japan is also creating proper rules and regulations to invest in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, anonymous investments have been completely eliminated in Japan as well as South Korea. This is the reason why the demand of cryptocurrencies has gone down significantly as well.

Currently, even in significant falls, most of the investors are not coming forward to invest. This speaks volumes about the confidence of cryptocurrency investors. At the same point in time, even the developed markets are not witnessing a significant demand when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why there is a complete loss of momentum. Earlier, whenever there was even a small fall, there was huge buying.

However, that is not been the case in This is one of the main reasons why many investors are confused as to whether they should hold their cryptocurrency Holdings or whether they should simply sell out their cryptocurrency Holdings.

With the Ripple going down each and every day, it remains to be seen whether it is able to rebound anytime soon or not. As a result, many of the investors are actually nervous as to whether it will be able to hold those levels or whether it will break through those levels. Those levels will be crucial, any more fall below those levels will trigger a significant sell-off.

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Litecoin. Litecoin has also been plunging and is one of the cryptocurrencies hard hit by the ongoing crypto crash. However, Litecoin was one of. While ups and downs are part of a cryptocurrency's trajectory, the broader momentum is usually poised to be positive, albeit a market crash. Litecoin trading volumes have begun to fall below $40 billion in The overall bearish crypto market trend has had a massive impact.