what is a weight vest good for
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What is a weight vest good for top 100 forex brokers 2015 gmc

What is a weight vest good for

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If you choose a vest heavier than necessary, your back can stoop and strain under the added weight. Because posture and technique are paramount for safe exercise, hunching or straining could cause serious back, neck and shoulder injuries. If you do decide to use a weight vest, make sure you do so safely to limit your risk of injury. Don't choose a vest that is too heavy; in fact, a vest that allows you to put in and take out weights is best, so you can adjust as you go.

Your weight vest should never be heavier than is comfortable. You shouldn't have to strain your body in order to carry the vest, and you should always be able to retain a full range of motion. That way, you keep proper posture and limit strain and sprain injuries.

If you're unsure of the weight amount or proper usage, talk to your doctor or trainer about safely adding a weight vest to your routine. Kay Ireland specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle topics. She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor.

The Disadvantages of Using a Weighted Vest. Benefits of Barbells. Share on Facebook. Added Resistance What makes a weight vest so beneficial is the fact that it can add resistance to your workout without having to use hand-held weights. Injury Unfortunately, weight vests aren't all good. Bone Loss A study published in a issue of "The Journals of Gerontology, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences" found that when weighted vests were added to a regular workout routine that included jumping, the result was reduced bone loss in older, postmenopausal women.

As your endurance improves, so too will your cardiovascular health. In order to accommodate the added weight, your body will need to work slightly harder and will require more blood and oxygen in order to continue with the exercises. Therefore, your heart with also be working harder, and your cardiovascular health will improve as a result. Exercising with a weighted vest forces all your muscles to work together and so provides a full-body workout regardless of the exercise. In addition to strengthening your muscles and improving the rate of muscle gain, exercising with a weighted vest can also help improve bone strength.

Wearing a weighted vest during weight-bearing exercises such as push-ups or squats can help increase your bone strength and density over time. As your bones steadily become thicker in order to accommodate the additional weight placed on them, they will become less susceptible to breakages and will be better equipped to fight off degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis. It may come as a surprise, but one of the biggest benefits of a weighted vest is that it can help improve your balance, posture, and body awareness.

Upon first donning a weighted vest, your body will be tempted to bow to the weight. For more information on how a weighted vest can help you reach your fitness goals, contact our team at American Home Fitness. Our fitness stores in Birmingham and the surrounding areas offer a wide selection of exercise equipment and accessories. Call Now: x5. Home News Benefits of a Weighted Vest. Benefits of a Weighted Vest. Added intensity It should come as no surprise that exercising with a weighted vest will add a significant challenge to your workout.

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